Feeling of accomplishment.

people Sculpted in Sculptris and MeshMixer, other things modeled in Blender like easel, stand and paintbrush
Rendered in Blender, use Paint.net to make the “sketch”… used Gimp 2.7.3 for post production.


sculpt naked. :wink:

added some teeth. :slight_smile:


He… doesn’t… have… clothes… on…
That’s kind of creepy. The teeth also seem a little big, but apart from that the render is good. Maybe you could add a slight bump map for the floor, the stand, the easel, but it’s pretty good right now.

here this one has pants :wink:


Rendered in Lux render
(i wish cycles converted blender materials like lux does…
and had and easy way to assign textures to materials, like blender internal and lux render)