Feels like I'm trying to animate with the parking brake on

Hi! This is my first post in a long while. I’m having trouble animating a custom rig. No matter what transform I try, after I’ve placed my first key, the pose snaps back to that of the previous key. It’s like transforms in the viewport have no effect. The only way I’ve been able to key this character so far has been to insert new keys (always identical to the previous key regardless of the pose I try) and edit those keys channel by channel in the graph editor. I’m no stranger to the graph editor, but I know this is not how it’s supposed to be.

I’ve tried keying manually with i and multiple settings within autokey.

Is this a bug? Am I forgetting something stupid simple?

Any help would be much appreciated.

BAupload.blend (803 KB)

You have tracks in the NLA Editor for each armature. Delete or disable them.

Good luck!

I was hoping it would be something simple like that. Unfortunately for me, it’s not. I tried deleting the tracks for the support armature as suggested by selecting the support armature from the outliner and clearing the animation data. Nothing really changed. In one attempt, I even tried deleting the support armature (which is only connected to a select few bones via offset constraints anyway). Still no change.

I’ve included an updated blend file.
The exact operation I’m trying to perform is a rotation of the selected bones around the 3D cursor while constrained to the Y axis (R + Y + Enter), changing their rotation and also their location. If you try this yourself on an empty frame, you’ll notice that the first time you try the operation, the bones snap back to their previous pose, but at least a key is made. Try the rotation again and the bones will snap back. Occasionally, like when I rotate up on the X axis, the transformation will stick. But rotating down on the X axis yields nothing again.

Open the nla editor and delete the tracks.

There is only one track. The other has been removed.

I just tried deleting that one track. Then I added some keys. But the problem persists.

I seem to have found the solution: https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?373618-Cannot-move-bones-in-pose-mode-with-mouse

It calls for me to go to Properties>Object>Duplication and set duplication to none. That’s it. Now everything works. What in the world is this? Why does this exist and how did it become checked in two of my files!? Wow. That was frustrating.

Thanks, DanPro for your help.

I took another look. It looks like you have locked a bunch of channels on the OmNomArmature. I think this may be what is causing you problems. Select all keys for that armature in the dopesheet > channels > edit channel editability. (Or just select all keys and press tab.) This should unlock all of the channels and make then editable once again.

Good luck!