feet sliding during walk cycle

Hi guys,
so i’ve been working on this walk cycle with my character and after finishing and setting it to follow a path i realize that the feet appear to be sliding slightly, but im not really sure what i did wrong with the cycle
also, any suggestions for how i could reduce the warping of the mesh (weight painting? more bones? different bones?) in the stomach area would be appreciated too


character19.blend (925 KB)

Your character move linearly so if you don’t want the feet to slide, you need to animate the feet linearly too.

For deformations foremost you don’t need two armature modifiers on your mesh (just to have a cleaner blend file).
Then the armature have to be applied before the subsurf then of course weight painting may need to be tweaked ; for example : the hip bone may affect the stomach part of the mesh.
You can use “preserve volume” too on the armature modifier in order to get cleaner deformations but it will change all the deformations on your mesh.