Feet sliding, how do I handle this?

I made a walk cycle, but I want it to walk forward, not just standing in one place. So I went to some professional help on youtube, and someone does this trick in Maya:

I’m talking about the thing going on at 1:54:

But when I try this in Blender, copying the Y-location of the foot ctrl. and pasing it in my root, it only works for the first step. Not the second, because as you see in Maya-tutorial, when he paste it again it is pasted so that the curves go further downwards.

How do I do this in Blender? Whenever I copy a pose, it only copies directly, meaning I’ll have to manually adjust the curves.

Please help me out here!

you can past the opposite pose by pasting with ctrl shift V

That’s not what I meant. In the video he paste the same pose, but with some kind of offset in the root (or world control as he calls it).

(he also talks about Z translation, but I believe Maya has Y-up, Blender has Z up, so in Blender it is the Y translation).

hmm yeah he is pasting the keyframes from the foot animation onto the root bone in order to counter the forward momentum, at least i think thats what hes doing, ill have to try out this

I think I solved it, somewhat, but still have wierd issues though. But what I was looking for is:

Curve Modifiers -> Cycles -> Repeat with Offset.

That is what you want-- but probably only on the Y channel. You will also want to make sure your keys are clean and your feet are not falling behind or gaining on your character’s body!

check out cg masters they have a tutorial on making a walk cycle with offset