Felicia-lowpoly character-


I’m there again with a new character. It’s my first try at lowpoly mod.
I hope you’ll like it.

very cool work, you did a great job with the low poly model and the face and clothing textures, nice!!
how about a standing pose

Awesome low-poly modeling and awesome texturing. I agree, more poses would be nice.

Is it wrong to think of an arrangement of pixels on a monitor as sexy? :expressionless:

yeah baby!
just one noobie question…what is low poly?

oh and yeah! we want that babe in other positions (hehehe)

low poly is trying to use a low amount of faces.

that is a cool character. great job

And low poly is good for games!

Here are the wires:

hmm, times must have changed quite alot… that doesn’t seem very lowpoly to me… especially the head…


Yeah, have to agree. Low poly to me means about 1000-1500 tris; although some game engines will do about 3 - 5 thousand for main characters and bosses. Theres tonnes of uselless polys in the arms too. Thats where the biggest waste is. But it is a nice medium poly model. :wink:

I don’t know if it’s a midpoly or a lowpoly: she’s about 2180 polys :frowning: ?
Anyway, there is another posing:

Thanks a lot for your comments guys!

quads or triangles?

the triangle count is on the decimator in the edit buttons

[next next gen [as in, they aren’t out yet] game models are about 8k poly, heads about 1500 iirc]

looks like a nice model, your pics however don’t show much lighting on it. It looks however like would be lit well

I’m curious about your uvmaping how it would look with lighting

it looks real nice btw

oh, and to render wires with a constant width and the mesh:
dupliate the mesh [in object mode is easier]
go into the material buttons
press the OB button [next to the ME button, just below name of material] to link a material to the object
add your wire material, press the wire button…
make zoffset [on mirror transp tab] 0.001

great work dewd, me like :smiley:

WHOA :o :o :o GREAT model man! Real, REAL great modelling and texturing job! I love japanees anime’s and I own a great ammount of manga’s. The face is extreemly beautifull. The eyes, the mouth, great!
One point of critics, perhaps you could give the red ribbon some more verticles. If you have used 2100 verts on the model you could at least give this ribbon 8 more verts or so :smiley: .

Whoa man, I really love it 8)

you know something? most character here has beuty and details but not style…this babe is something else!
you really gotta work with her, give her some more types of clothes, a name, maybe even her own series, or game!

great job!
and about low-midpoly… midpoly is just a stupid term that isn’t really appropriate for anything. It’s basically from about 3000 and up. What it probably means is that you can use them in the newer engines, but not in the old ones like HL. It’s basically stupid, because there are 3000+ models for counterstrike and such. You just need a good pc…

anyways, enough nagging, I love the model and design!

  • Bentagon

Really nice work.

It’s not every day we see such a nice mapping job done in Blender.

damn! one of my favorites here!
how do you show the wires?

Beautiful work! The colours, textures and style are really nice.

I like the attitude, man! I have been trying to model a character with this type of 'tude, and now you’ve shown me the way. I really like those “don’t $%#@ with me” eyes. Everytime I look at this render, I see her saying stuff like “you want a piece of me?” ; “what the hell are you staring at?” or “take a picture, it’ll last songer”.

Great stuff. I’m a fan.

Very nice work. The character design, facial expression and the pose are really cool.