Felled - a short film

This was my entry to the 2008 Suzanne festival which unfortunately did not qualify. Tough competition and excellent finalists.

Except for my OS which is Win2k, all other software I used was open source. Modeling, Rigging, Animation, Render, Compositing, Editing and Audio Mix were done in Blender. Gimp for 2D work. Additional audio processing done on Audacity. Music clips and sound elements from SoundSnap. VirtualDub for audio dubbing.

Over half of this was done 3 weeks prior to the deadline of submission which I missed(thanks to macouno for accepting my entry even if it was over a week late.)

Anyway I’ve polished it a little more since then and decided that it’s done or else it’ll
never be done :smiley: Have to move on and make a better one. I’m sure next year will be an even tougher contest.

Here’s the link and some screen caps.




The robot looks great. The dog could look a bit better. It is a very impressive film. It is cool to see how you combined real life and 3D elements.

God, I love it to bits :stuck_out_tongue: The little dog is cute :stuck_out_tongue: His animation needs a bit of improvement though, and the bit where he was thinking seemed a bit slow, maybe you can cut somewhat there. Oh, wait, you’re done editing :stuck_out_tongue: Never mind that, then :smiley:

Extremely funny and well executed! Hope that someday I will be able to make something similar :stuck_out_tongue:

nice short filme, very impressive…

the dog is good but could be better…
nice work

the car is the same that I have been modeling… if you want look to my project and coment…

good work…

Astounding job with the transformer. The dog and editing were your only weak points.

Hi! I love your renderings, very cool lighting, very good camera angles composition and even edition :yes:
Your animations are nice, they needed to be a little smother, but the feeling (don’t know if it’s the better word) is all there :wink:
I think the only thing the dog need is reall particles fur in all the body.
Great Job, making a car is, let’s say very very hard :smiley: and making it transforming to a robot it must be a true nightmare :wink:

cool video

Hi all
Thank you for the inputs.

I did use particle fur but it seems like only a few survived the video compression. Rendering in HD would probably solve this problem. However I’m running an old AMD Athlon(a quarter core in todays terms haha) and I don’t want my PC to die :slight_smile:

The dog seem to have fallen into the “uncanny valley” for dogs :smiley: I made the dog look mousey and more cartoony to avoid that problem but apperently it’s not enough. A lesson learned in character design for my future animations. I posted below one of my test renders for fur. The reference dog is our pet chihuahua Indy, also the source of the textures I used.

Contrary to what I think most believe, the transformation from car to robot wasn’t really the most challenging bit in the animation. The three most difficult things I feel were:

  1. Designing my own robot. I moved back and forth between drawing and modeling before I got something I liked.
  2. Keeping the dog from looking like it’s sliding during walk cycles. Should have chosen a biped. Easier to walk haha
  3. Meeting the deadline :frowning: I was only a quarter into the animation when I read about the festival.

Anyway it’s time to think up a new one and apply lessons learned.

Thank you for watching FELLED.


I’ve enjoyed your short film. Nothing to say that has not been said before. I think that making a transformer rig must be an entire pain… don´t you? i really wanted to see a rig like that! :wink:

Improvements: the dogs hips didn’t quite sway enough. It could also use a moving hold in some parts - such as when he was thinking, he drew stock still, which is OK for stop-mo or cel animation but looks unnatural in CG.

I really liked the robot moving back and forth to prevent the dog from peeing on him, and the part where he morphed into a Transformer bot was badass. Keep it up! :smiley: