Fellow Blender Heads Help Please.

I hope I’m not asking something that is answered somewhere else, but here goes…I’m playing around with Curve modeling. After i get my desired shape and bevel etc I convert to mesh and map my materials on and so forth. The edges are like the ONLY part of the model worth a hoot. The centers are NOT good for env maps at all. Radiosity? Forget it! The flats are mangled beyond repair. Is this because I have too many faces? Is it that my Vertices are only on the edges? Please help. Thanks in advance.

Can you put an example up somewhere? Either a picture of the problem or the Blender file itself. This will help others quickly identify the problem.

Here is a VERY cut down version of the blend file giving me these issues. I hope it’s enough to go on. I had to take things out and zip it as the file was too large. Thanks in advance.



Well, no images included so I cannot see the problem. However it DOES look like a hell of a lot of excess detail. Curve seems to have been converted using too many points. The edges are extruded three times and the whole lot converted to triangles. I would guess at a much simpler model required with quads (unless tri’s are required).

Any one else want to comment?

Sorry I guess common sense would have told me to include a pic. The picture from the link below shows reflection only around the edges where vertices exist. The black background is for clarity. The maps right but…I cannot map it to the middle only the edges. Thanks again in advance.



Oh yea I agree…WAY to many curves. I am new to the curve modeling. Are you saying the better way to go would be to have made very little points and subsurfed maybe?? I’m lost to it.