Female Alien


Started my first project. Called it Plelou. No idea what it means.
Wire images so far are attached.

It’s actually my first head model where u can reconise some human features in it… Haven’t had much success until now but I think this is great compared to my other models.

Hope that any could give me some advice on how to make to back of a skull.
Also it would be great if any had some ideas for some facial features or someother features on the head.



Thats looking great, awesome topology, no crits whatsoever
As for the back of the head, Mine rarely turn out very good, end up with a binch of poles at the top of the neck


Modelled the back og the head. I removed some loops to remove some verteces as I thought there was to many.

The upper images are before i removed some of the vertexes. the bottom images are the ones after.


Its coming along really nicely!

Head seems a little to long along the y-axis, when compared to the lenght of the chin

Your topology looks good, my only crits are that the head is way too long and that the area between the jaw and the neck needs work. It looks like you didn’t do anything with that group of verts- and it makes it really obvious you used extrusion.

Really nice topology! I like the ‘nose’ reminds me of voldemort


Took me some time to model and attach but think they are good considering that i’ve never gotten this far ;O
Also moved the back of the head a little and started the neck…


how do u make such neat meshes? whenever i modle something the mesh is all over the place and sometimes the modle looks good or like crap but still!

References, testing and trying. Taken me some time to get to this stage : /

Looking good, no real crits

I agree tha head seems a little long on the y-axis for a human, but this is an alien not a human so it can look like whatever you want!

I did adjust that in the last update. it should be about the normal width.