female Assassin

Hi :smiley:
At the moment i´m working on this female Assasin.
With the modelling im happy so far.But with the texturing im not realy happy :confused:
Hope you like it xD


for a game? it seems pretty low poly… strange skin material. calves and front of stomach are very beefy, and you can see her head through the hair.

Yes , it´s low poly and for a game xD
The strange Skin material is wanted :slight_smile:
And the stomach is allready fixed.
But i´m very unhappy with the poly hair.I think i make a completly new one :smiley:

I like it, good modeling, although the eyes are kinda taking away, you should give them a proper eye texture, would make them look a lot better, maybe purple irises or blue, maybe even red to go with the spikes,(the darkness/evil) it would look tons better than that plain blue.

Yes your right.
Red eyes look kinda cool :smiley:


I like the tones. Very dark and blue, like picasso in his blue paintings? Anyway, I thought the cold blue eyes went well with the rest. I thought she looks like death, perfect. I could see her as a main character in a video game for sure.

One thing I notice is she only has one shoulder pad. Wouldn’t a warrior want two of those? One for each shoulder? I wonder the same thing about Sintel.

I would be proud if I made this character.

I wanted to create a very dark and evil character.So i thought about very dark and “dead” colors.I´ve even made blue eyes,they looked good, but there wasn´t a contrast.
With the red eyes youve got a cool contrast with the rest of the characters.
The eyes become intresting.

The thing with the shoulderpat is a little bit funny :smiley:
Of course nearly every warrior would want 2 of them,but with just one of them you have a assymetrical design object.A modell looks much better when there is a “brake out” of the symetry.It´s just a design object xD

Don’t quote me on this, I’m not a weapon master or anything :stuck_out_tongue: but a shoulder pad is only needed as defence if you expect to be hit on that place right? in other words if you have some kind of defence (like a weapon) to cover that area you wouldn’t necesarily need armour there, especially if less armour allows you to be more agile. So it would probably depend on your fighting style.

aesthetically speaking, it breaks the symmetry which is good imho.

I like what you have so far :slight_smile: can definitely imagine some cool poses and maybe anims with that character :slight_smile:

I´ve just noticed , that she has no “main” weapon O.o
So i designed and modelled one for her xD
The textur isn´t good ,but it shos the colors i want to use :slight_smile:


So i´ve done some new improvements :smiley:
The hair is much better,the sword is neraly ready and i´ve made some Tattoos xD


Just for fun i created a stereoscopic image of the assassin :smiley:
There is a liite error on her left shoulder, but i try to fix this :slight_smile:

I don´t know why but it seems that the Uploader changes something of the Image and so the effect is crashed :confused:
So please watch it here :