Female astronaut character WIP

Working on a space suit for a female astronaut character. I sculpted the body in 3D Coat, then brought it into Blender, and modeled the helmet and other details in Blender. For the render I just used a simple shader with the geometry pointiness node to highlight the curvature of the model.


That looks really awesome, but I have to say those loose tubes by the leg make me nervous: they look like they’d catch on something and there goes her air. The modeling is fabulous though, and if one ignores the tubes it’s a very practical and convincing space suit design.

Can’t wait to see it textured (assuming you plan to do that, it’s still a solid piece if you don’t).

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Hahaha, yeah the tubes are a liability, but necessary for survival in space. :smiley:
They will be modular though, so you could just deactivate them to have a clean model.
Thanks a lot for your feedback mate, really appreciate it! And of course there will be texturing and rigging for this model. I just finished retopo and am ready to go into Substance Painter. :wink:

I think it would look less alarming if they were secured closer to the limbs so it’s less likely to catch, but maybe my taste in scifi and space fiction has had too many “space is trying to kill you” moments, so I’m paranoid. ; D

Women in space suits is a niche I like, so either way I’ll enjoy the results.

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Nicely sculpted and detailed.

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