Female body (finaly got back to her) *update page 2*

Started on this last night. I’d say it’s coming along farely good right now. Before I move on to the body, I’m gonna do some hair testing with fiber.

I ain’t commenting… it’s better than all 3 of my female heads I made! LoL
…well… since I already said that… looking good. I don’t like the top part where the hairs going to go… but maybe the hair will change all that.
did u use reference pics or go by the seat of your pants?

I think thats awesome.
Needs OSA on too jagged and it makes the ears look pointy without it.

I’m not using OSA atm. Because I’m not actualy using a camera to render, just using the quick 3d render button. Since it’s alot faster, and alot less hassle. For refs, I have to admit that I sort of cheated there. I actualy just tweaked a makehuman model until I like it. Then just rendered some pics for refs. Since I’m sick and tired of finding refs that the side and front don’t line up. But I still modeled it from scratch.

I was going to say it had a sort of makehuman look. I had considered doing that as well, just havent gotten around to it. Nice head though. I think the top may be just a tad too tall, but if thats how you like it, thats how you should keep it. Good work, I look forward to updates.

Thanks :smiley: I’m trying to do some hair right now using fiber. But I’m failing misirebly :frowning:


Thats awesome man keep it up.

Hey do know to how send the data from your MakeHuman to someone else, without sending the blend? If so could you send them to me? ill PM you my email if you can.

I need some skinning practice and im not very good with make human. lol they always look funky.

boobs look nasty almost like they were ripped right off of makehuman.

Just make sure that she doesn’t become too muscular! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


That’s good. The ears (which are always a pain to do) will be top notch if you correct the lower part attachement

Can you post a wire ?

flow around the nose seems incorrect.

It looks like a cross between a man and a woman, sick eh? Anyways, great m0deling, it’s really hard to make a human.

Here’s the wire.
[OG]Gryphon: do you mean export just the mesh without the script and everything else? Or have I misunderstood you?


I hope it’s at least a level 2 subsurf or you have an awfull lot of vertices in the face, but it seems that you have not proper edge loops.

Read TorQ tutorial, and google for this term, this is really the key for good models which are easy to build and deform later. Of course, you can acheive without, but at the cost of more work.

This being said, your mesh is clean so if you dont intend to animate, it’s not a big problem. And the result is nice.

It’s on level 1 for subsurf. I’m not really worrying about the poly count. And I doubt I’ll be animating her.

Well I finaly got back to her. Cleaned up the mesh abit, and did the back and arms.

I gotta agree with whomever said it, the boobs do look a bit funny…not sure what to suggest to fix it though. The only thing I can say is that they look as though they’re floating right now, theres doesnt appear to be any weight to them.

the level of detail is nice though. The collar bone neck area is very well made.

I notice two things-

  1. I think the shoulder blades need to swing in more towards the spine (maybe, I don’t know the proper positions for shoulder blades when the arm is at the angle)

2)There appears to be something going on around the area the diaphragm would be. Its like bumpy or something. It could be an artifact though not entirely sure.

Good work.

u bunch of perves … must not look :o cant resist lol. vey good modeling