Female body WIP (bit of nudity)

(LohnS) #1

First human body i’ve ever done, 2nd body i’ve ever done. Any comments, critique welcome…




about 4 hours have gone into it so far, so still a lot of details to add and things to tweak.

(BgDM) #2

Nice start NEO. As always, your organic skills kick some serious ass!

On to some crits:

  1. The head is too big for the body.
  2. The breast area, (not the boobs :wink: ), is too small. It nees to be wider as it gets to the shoulder area. Not much, but needs a bit. Seems too straihgt up and down now.

Other than that, just some minor details tweeks, as you said.


(S68) #3

Nice start :slight_smile:


my comments are that head is too big for body. That proportion in head/body dimension is typical of childrens around 8 years old or of Japanese cartoons (Manga). The first hypothesis is wrong, for the body (well breast) development, so unless second hypothesis is true…

For the rest, she’s very slim but beautifull, maybe the chest needs some whork. the chest itself and the abdomen looks like a single continuus thing. this is good for fatties but slim people have a very evident ribcage…

Hands look very small too. Normally 1 hand is more tha 1/2 forearm… and in adolescents it is bigger (Extremities grows to full size first)

Keep it up


(S68) #4

Grrr… beaten by a handfull of seconds… Stefano

(LohnS) #5

wow thanx for the quick reply’s. Well she is very low poly so i think i might add some extra details for the rib cage. I also just u/l replaced renders with a wider chest area, hopefully it looks a bit better, the rib cage though will definately help this out.

i’ll get working on it, more to come =)

also does any1 have any idea how to do a pony tail type hair? i’m thinking a mesh maybe?

(blengine) #6

that looks great man! her legs are out of this world! shes clean shavin alright… she is lean and beautiful =D
hands to small?? i think they look perfect…length of hand = from chin to eyebrow…that looks about right 8)

(LohnS) #7


thinned and smallened (lol is that a word) the head, made some ribs, kinda, i don’t wanna make too much detial though cause she will have armor etc on, she’s for the 3D Total monthly Comp.


look better, worse, the same? anything i could improve? anything to keep?

(S68) #8

For me, it looks better :slight_smile:


(rndrdbrian) #9

Looks nice!


(PILER) #10

wow thats sexy! Lmao =/ lookin good neo

(MrPatel) #11

Nice Work! :smiley:

Can’t wait to see her textured with armor. Still she looks great nude. :wink:

(LohnS) #12


just to cover up down there, looks better IMO, did some more bits here and there, made her head a tad smaller to accompany the rest of her body.

hows it looking?

(Waffler) #13

Personally I think her old head shape seemed like it might have been better (not size though). Now her forehead and chin doesn’t seem quite as cute as it was.

(Waffler) #14

Hmmm… now that I look at it again, maybe her forehead is just fine, but her chin (or lower portion of face) does seem maybe a little too far forward?

(DreamMaster) #15

I envy you! I can’t even model a face at all! :stuck_out_tongue:

Fine I’ll ingore ya! J/K… keep up your great work!

(LohnS) #16

thanx for the comments guys =D