Female Body WIP UPDATE 7-15-04 HANDS


In order to figure out the proper methods of modelling, I’ve been studying every possible wireframe I can find!
This is a composition of about 50 various wireframes that I’ve studied.
Some parts of it need definite work, such as the area between the chest and neck. Can’t remember what it’s called.
I’ll post a wireframe once I finish the legs and feet.

So any C&c’s are welcome!!!

BTW:When I get this body done, i’m going to do a males next.

The stomach’s lumpiness makes it look strange. Also, from this angle the butt looks very square. Mind posting a wireframe?

It looks good, better than most of my attempts (obviously since I never posted one), but it could use work.

Looks good so far. I think the stomach looks fine (quite realistic compared to my model) I need a few more views - side and back to really comment further. The butt does look square from the view shown and the boobs need a little work as they look too conical as though they didn’t have any heft to them.

Keep it up

I’m filled with an incredible sense of deja-vu.

Steven Stahlberg has the thread from hell on CGtalk.com concerning topography. I have directories on my computer filled with wireframe shots of models I study as well. And after I studied and studied I found I wasn’t building, I was just studying and intimidating myself. Ultimately you just gotta build the fucker.

I looks like you’re off to a good start. It’s not the best angle for a render. I think you should post a wire sooner rather than later. The earlier in the process the easier it is to change.

Keep it up.

OH GOD! Steven Stahlberg!! I hate that thread! On a 56k it’s not fun going through there! LoL that was what got me started doing this. I was going threw those threads and I saw that and then before I knew it… I had my tv hooked up as a second monitor and on both monitors I had 3 IE windows open looking for all the wireframes I could get my hands on!! LMAO

Any suggestions as to a good angle for a render? I just left the camera at the default angle so :stuck_out_tongue: didn’t bother with that lol

After seeing the front view posted I realize the legs looks way wrong! Either that or it’s the waist. Waist isn’t proportioned right or something. Could explain why it looks lumpy to musicman. :stuck_out_tongue: lol, I apologize to any ladies that think they look like this… this was done using memory so clearly if it’s in my head… then it’s what I consider a relatively normal female lookin body. :wink:
Reason I did it by memory was because when I use reference images in Blender… It comes out totally wrong!



um… i haven’t studied the same wireframes, but i believe she is missing nipples. :nods:
looks good so far.

Really good thread underway here: http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?t=144111&page=1&pp=15
He has his wires posted as well.

I think you’re off to a good start. If you changed nothing you still have a good model. But with a few changes I think if could be even better.

What I see:


A) The collarbone is a nice detail, but if you’re going to have it, it needs to arch correctly up to the shoulder. Otherwise it looks like a funny line on the breast.

B) The line on the top of the breast makes it look like a breast implant. If you space out the two lines I highlighted, you can make that line go away. I have more thoughts on the breast that I outline below.

C ) Your current topography from the leg to the waist created some lines that go counter to the flow of the thigh muscles to pelvis. I suggest a modified flow of lines (D) would help you keep that bikini line you have, and even further define the mons venus.


An alternative design to the topography of the breast:

Think of a guy benchpressing weights it’s easy to visuallize the muscles of the chest connecting to the shoulder. But we forget this the moment we put mammary glands on top of those muscles.

Here I’ve sketched how the lines of the breast could flow to blend the breast shape to the shoulder. The bottom two lines should flow to the deltoids. The upper arching line suggest how the breast should flow and fade across the upper chest towards the arm.


Hope some of this is useful. Later.

shadowman is in fact, the man

i personally bow to his greatness. I used his models alot to learn when i was working on my character (who has been shelved for another project currently).

I did some of what u said Shadowman, but not all… got too carried away with the feet! LoL Which I think came out pretty darn good!!

Next update I’ll do more on what u mentioned Shadowman… but until then…


It is looking really good :smiley: ! Only one thing: either the toes are too short or the foot is too long. Keep up the good work.



I finished the arms and added the hands.
The hands still need a little bit of work… but since I gotta goto work I figured put this up cause I don’t know when I’ll have time to get back to it! oi

Looking at this I think the knees are going to need some major work!!

I haven’t fixed the toes on the feet yet… that’s the next step.
I’m also going to work on the back… make the shoulder blades more pronounced… which you guys can’t see cause I’m not satisfied with that part yet :smiley: lol