Female body WIP. (Warning: Nudity!)

(JoOngle) #1

This night I decided to build a female body in Blender


How did I do?

Improvements, suggestions?

Later I’ll do the head.


(blengine) #2

looking really great! the feet look fantastic but are so tiny.the armpit area needs some definiteion, and a belly button would be cool =D
the left hand at that angle looks kind of rubber like long

and shes got some monster thighs =) hehehehe… i hope u meant to make her chubby cause it looks real good and no one ever models chubby women, nice to see a change =D

(JoOngle) #3


Great suggestions, I’ll work on it right away.

(Yes - I try hard to model different from the norm and when I draw by hand I tend to draw them a bit chubby as well :wink: )

PS: The picture will be updated (replaced) in order to save people’s bandwidth.


PICTURE Updated:

  • Added anckle detajl
  • Rib cage detail
  • Thinned body
  • Knee detail added
  • Feet resized considerably
  • Armpit detail added

More suggestions?

(JoOngle) #4

Here’s an Extra angle’s on things:

(Picture removed to save bandwidth)
(Check the latest postings!)

There where some suggestion to shape her body up a
bit on some danish forums so this is the result
of it.

What do you think? Better? Worse?


(JoOngle) #5

More detail added:

  • Navel.
  • Stommac detail.
  • Various muscle.
  • Edited knees slightly so the tights and legs are smaller
  • ribcage now visible.


(JoOngle) #6

(Look at the FIRST post for picture update) Press F5 if your browser remembers the old image.

  • Added texture detail, shading.
  • Added even more surface detail.
  • Added more detail to the hands.

I’m not getting any feedback guys - so you must be pleased?
(Just saying that to get a responce…hehe)

Like? Hate? Sucks? Rocks?


(JoOngle) #7

Just so you can see where it has progressed from start to end:

Here’s how it started:

Here’s how it’s right now:

Progress…I guess…
Thanks - keep the suggestions coming,


(shadowman99) #8

Looking very nice. You might move the camera a bit for some renders, so we can see the upper torso.

Very nice detail.

(Alltaken) #9

assuming that the black and white image is the same as the current just of a different angle.

to me it looks like her calf (i don’t know how to spell it maybe its calve) muscle is to high in relation to the knee and her hip bones look a bit sharp and pointy as well as her butt.

from the first to the most recent it looks great

whats wrong with chubby ladies -much better to hug. :smiley:

(JoOngle) #10


  • The post with the first picture (first post) contains the latest image.
  • The hip has been corrected there.

Got no time right now to work on it further - but I’ll work on it
maybe later this weekend.

Cheers guys.

(paradox) #11

Wow big improvement from 1st to latest. Keep it up, the only area that doesn’t seem right is the hands, seem like fingers kind of wavy but may be just the lighting. But as I said nice improvement and nice model.


(sten) #12

great progress !!! :smiley:

(JoOngle) #13

@Paradox - you’re right - the people at the other forum (in Denmark) are complaining
about the hands too - I’d better do high-level surfing on those on another subdiv level.
I’ll do that when the head is on - then I can do all “fine-details” on the next level.

@Ztonzy - Thanks…btw. Looking forward to see your “cartoon box man” animated, looking great so far.


Oh btw: here are some extra angle’s:


(thatbrikwal) #14

from some of the angles, the breasts seem to pop out too abruptly. the thighs seem a bit squarish as well (only certain angles, probably could be solved with some minor tweaking) also, could you post a wireframe?

(JoOngle) #15

Uhmm…if you mean a snapshot of the wireframe in the viewport then it looks way too messy as a still,
but maybe you could render it as a wireframe texture? I used to do that with 3dstudio max
can we do that in Blender?


(thatbrikwal) #16

well how i do it is i make a duplicate and set it to only render wireframe, and scale it slightly bigger than the smooth shaded version. that usually works.

(Alltaken) #17

two ways work well

if you want the wire frame and the flesh use the toon shading option in render mode

or in materials button click wireframe just below the shadow and shadless buttons

the tits are a little big or defie gravity some how
also can you change the postition of the body somehow

like close the legs and put the arms by their side it might make it easier to see what to alter (just an idea)

great model (why not in poser)

(shibbydude) #18

Use the second option. It works the best.

Because that is what poser is made to do :). For once I would like to see a nice, realistic human figure in Blender. I am working on one that I think I might make available to the general public. But that may never get finished.

In conclusion: Looks great!