Female Body

(surreal_33) #1

I’ve been working on this for only a hour and a bit
I’m gonna put a head and hands on it… i hope :slight_smile:
the breasts are a little fubared right now, and i’m work on em when i get home from school

(S68) #2

Not bad, but I think you need to work a little more on the body, some parts don’t look copmpletely right…


(P.S. what about editing instead than double posting if there is a forgotten link :wink: ?)

([email protected]) #3

you didnt make that you just stole 7 of 9’s cat suit from voyager at took pics!!! lol

(surreal_33) #4

What!!! yes i did so make it. sheesh i made it this morning, i’ll work on it some more this morning, but yes i did make it

([email protected]) #5

iots a joke lol it looks like the cat suit 7 of 9 wears in startreck lol i can tell u made it dont worry lol

(surreal_33) #6

lol yeah my bad, i should have guessed that u were joking, its not that good right now, needs LOTS of twaeking and fixing and breast remodoling :slight_smile:

will post update when have

(blengine) #7

thats really good! smooth, real smooth… looking almost perfect so far…i hope u do finish it…her legs look great, calfs a lil thin though…and she ways like 9 pounds =) lol, im just kidding, but her waist is a bit thin, i could pick her up by her spine, haha…kidding again, im full of it…great job, really, i mean that

(valarking) #8

quite cool.