Female body

Hi guys and girls,
This is the latest female character I’ve been working on lately. At the moment I’m sculpting, modeling and placing primitives to get the right form and proportions. Finally I will be able to try out RetopoFlow by cgcookie!

Let me know what do you think!


It looks good. It almost looks like body armor.

Thanks! I’m working on that- the armor look will be gone soon. I’m quite happy with the overall shape now. I added feet basemesh, just a little bit of sculpting, so that they doesn’t look that flat and soon I’ll be able to move on to the retopology! Yay!

Very nice model.
I love the way you’ve done her face.

Thanks pieriko, I’ll try to keep the same quality with the whole body.

Today I merged all parts together, narrowed shoulders a bit and did some other minor fixes, so the next step is retopology.

Leg day is different for artists!
Don’t take this render too seriously, since I basically used laplacian deform + minor fix for a really bad areas.

Its very good. can’t say much more unless I know the final application, a movie, photo ect.

Thanks springwater! All I can tell now is that this will be a still image, however I’d rather keep the details to myself since I’m really superstitious. The mood changes so does everything else and who knows, maybe in two hours I’ll decide to go with another idea and I don’t want to dissapoint someone. :smiley:

Still, here’s today’s progress- breasts are a bit smaller, body proportions are changed in a way that she looks just a bit older than previously. Bumps will be fixed during retopo. :slight_smile:

Looks very good! I like your workflow, this “modular” way of building the body seems to be easier :slight_smile:

First revision of retopology. I’m sorry to say, but RetopoFlow plugin wasn’t as helpful as I thought it would be, but maybe it’s just that I wanted to create a really dense mesh and this task was too specific; maybe it’s performing better for low poly meshes.

Anyway- now that I have done retopo, I can start cleaning up the geometry. At the moment knee and shank need most of the attention.

There’s something about the hourglass figure that so fascinating to me. It looks great but I think that you might want to consider adding a nudity warning.