Female Breast Help

Hi, I’m new here, but have been using I useing lightwave at school for about a year, so I downloaded blender last week. I am trying to do the Joan of Arc tutorial, (My first human in both programs) and I came across a problem. The breasts.

Here are various views.

Front Smooth 2D


Front Wire 2D


Side Smooth 2D


Side Wire 2D


Angle Smooth 3D


Angle Wire 3D


I just can’t get them too look right, (by the way, I’m planning to just do one, then delete the other half of the body and mirror it.)

Also, it’s impossible to avoid triangles. Everytime I use the knife triangle like to appear.

If someone could help me with the breasts, I would really appreciate it.:slight_smile:

Ask your female friends to pose for you. You might want to be careful how you phrase this request, because it can definitely be taken the wrong way, but if you can’t afford life-drawing classes it can be a cheap and easy way to get a firm grasp of anatomy. So to speak.


For what it’s worth (only my opinion) the shoulder blades look too low giving your figure somewhat of an aged appearance. There are many good studies of anatomy to be found via a search.

I haven’t started with Blender yet but speaking as a female and an artist I would say that the breast you have shown here is a nice natural shape.
I think what looks odd is that you are missing out the ridge of ribcage that usually shows on a womans body just below her breast, the smooth outward curve you have is more appropiate for early pregnancy as she clearly isn’t intended to be overweight.
A womans breasts should be supported by her ribcage, perhaps take a look at an anatomy book to get the curve of bone to the solar plexus
The mirroring is a good idea, bear in mind though that no human female has 2 breasts exactly the same size and shape.
If you are going for a “perfect fantasy” look that’s fine but if you intend a more “realistic” look you should vary the weight and height of the breast slightly, but not enough that it would be conciously noticeable

Good news! Breasts are one of the easiest things to model once you get the technique down. All you have to do is start with a circle of vetices (this will be the largest circle to connect the breast to the rest of the torso). Then extrude it down evenly about 3-4 times depenind on how much detail you want in it. Next you simply make a very small circle for the nipple area and then merge all the points down into one. After that it is simple pulling back the outmost rings to make it 3d, then you tweak.

Its one of those body parts that doesn’t require too much thinking when modelling. It’s as simple as making a series of rings and then editting the vertices when your done. Bit by bit it will look more and more like a breast.

Just two comments. First, she’s only got one breast. It’s natural that would look odd. Make a copy of your file, do the mirror thing, and check out how she looks with two breasts.

Second, the edge loop you have going from the nipple runs up to the neck. It would make more sense to run it along the pectoral muscle out to the shoulder.

I’d echo valdary’s point about the rib cage and pixelmass’ comment about the hunched over back making her look aged, but I said only two comments.

Your overall mesh is alright, you’ll mainly want to focus on just getting it a bit cleaner and redirecting the edgeloops in a bit more flowing fashion. But, you’re in luck as it happens that I made a quick video modeling a breast in a short amount of time. It should give you a pretty good idea on some of the edge flow and just the general shape.


I’m planning to just do one, then delete the other half of the body and mirror it.

Delete the other half now, mirror it, and edit it in mirror mode. Like Orinoco said, you’ll never know how natural a pair of breasts are going to look by going about it this way.