Female Bust


I started working with this yesterday and I had been meaning to post my progress but I kept forgetting lol. Anyways, I’ve been wanting to practice my modeling on human heads with good topology (I usually just sculpted heads in ZBrush and never retopo them cuz I find the process incredibly tedious). Recently I saw some tutorials on cgcookie about creating realistic portrait and really got into trying it out again.

So far this is what I’ve got.

I kinda feel accomplished this being the first head I’ve made in Blender (I’ve only been using it for 7 month so far)

Looks very nice (especially mesh flow). One comment if you allow me- shape of corners of the eye AND shape of an ear- those are two weak parts. In any case- very nice job mate, keep it up.

your topology looks good, but I would agree with RK that the eyes and ears need work. also, the overall shape of the mesh seems a bit squarish in places. cheek running down from outer corner of eye etc.

Thanks! The ears are one of my biggest problems. I’m still working on everything overall.

I hadn’t thought it looks squarish but now that you mention it it kinda does. I’ll try rounding the cheeks up a little bit more

Ok so I worked I little bit more on the ear and I think it looks much better now than what it did before

I worked some more on the eyes as well to make the corners a bit less oval(?). I also couldn’t help myself and created a skin material to start getting a feel for her final look.

sorry for the low quality, I have to make small render sized images like this otherwise it takes too long for the renders to finish (my computer is really freaking slow).


Forgot to mention, I’m using Cycles for the render engine.

Looks very good. As already pointed out the topology is very good. But i think still needs some more work. Try using a reference photo. I also like the skin in the last picture, just the specular reflections are a little to sharp. I think they should be softer.
Good work so far.

there seems, as pointed out by codepoint, to be a bit too much specularity for a skin shader. maybe if there was a bit more detail (bumped pores or such) you would get a better result. also, you seem to be getting quite strong scatter down in the neck region but not so much in the facial regions which need it, such as the eyes, ears, nose and even cheeks etc. I would also agree that a reference image may be a good idea. especially for ears. one other thing, maybe try adding an edge loop around the base of the nose and pinching it a bit