Female: Cartoon

Ok, so I had tried out Blender a while ago and honestly I did not like it very much.
The modeling tools were fantastic, the interface was amazing once you got used to it but I did not like anything else about it.
I just recently downloaded it again at the suggestion of my brother and started reading up on it again and a lot has changed, the modeling tools are even better now, the interface is more intuitive and everything I didn’t like I now like. A lot has changed since then and I need to relearn the interface, I am also not too good at 3D Modeling so this is also going to push my skills.

Any way, I learn better when I have a purpose and a larger goal than just making a model so this is part of something more and I will be making more WIP’s as I go. The bigger project is going to be low rez, lower than the most recent game engines can handle (lookng to hit around 1200-1800 triangles per character, excluding accessories).
I have never modeled a decent looking human from scratch before so I will work on this until it is my first.

I couldn’t find any good reference images for a head so I drew a quick one while on break from my second job and had to clean it up a bit after I scanned it (with a mouse because my tablet is broken and I am too broke to get a new one right now), but here it is.
The whole project is going to be stylish and toon shaded, but don’t hold back your crits of realistic anatomy.


Yeah, ‘she’ looks like a guy. Girls and women have generally daintier features, the nose is very harsh and long, pull it back and make the nostrils smaller.
Those eyebrows look like they come from that vulcan dude in star trek, eyebrows on humans follow the brow ridge just above the eyes.
Eyes are perhaps a bit too large. And are far too bushy.
She hasn’t got much chin there.
Note: I am making these suggestions based on the idea of a decent looking woman, if you want here to be unattractive, by all means continue as it goes, and I also know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder so I’ll warrant that other people will have different ideas to my own.

Ok, I worked on the image a little.
For most of it I agree with you, but as an artistic choice, the eyes are going to stay huge.


Here is my alien head.

I now realize I was an idiot for not using Blender all along since it took a lot less effort to make this than in the other Apps I have been using. As unfinished as it is, this is the best head I have ever modeled.

It was intended to be the shape of a human head but I think I focused too much on the side and front reference images and not enough on the over all shape. I will work on fixing the mouth, cheek and chin area.
I wanted to keep the huge eyes, but I think keeping them huge will just make the face look alien, I will probably branch out when I am done modeling the head.

The front view of the mesh is not very useful, could some one point me to somewhere that explains how to hide the back lines?

I have a few problem areas (highlighted in red on the side mesh view), I started from a cube so I have some polygons that are very difficult to work with in what used to be the corners and where I was making the mouth. I have tried lots of different ways to fix them but everything I tried just moves the problem vertice, makes triangles or duplicates it.

Also I could use some advice as for the flow of the lines, I still have to adjust my flow a lot and wanted to know what is a good way before I put too much time into it…


I’ll refer you through to a great long thread about poles, flows and things like that, you sound pretty technical, have fun =):

Thank you :slight_smile:

Wow, that thread was very useful, I had been doing things the hard way for so long and I think that was my barrier. With my new knowledge this will be much easier than I originally thought.

Over all, the time I am spending fixing the mesh is going to pay off big time when I am making final edits. When I was trying to fix the chin I had to work so hard to keep it looking nice, but with a proper mesh the changes are so much easier.

Any way, here is a new side view of the mesh, it is not pretty looking yet but I had to redo a lot of the mesh. I tried to just merge and add to the mesh, but it was so much faster just to delete a lot of the faces and then create and connect them.


Looking much better now, keep it up. You’re doing well. =).

Ok, I made some improvement.
I deviated from the good way of making the flow when I made the nose so I will have to go back in and fix that.
It still doesn’t look like a female head yet, but thanks to your link Krayon, it looks a hell of a lot better. And it is the best looking head I have ever modeled.

I am going to make the ear then fix the nose.

I am also going to just browse a bunch of faces to try and get this looking right (unfortunately, no one will let me just sit and stare at their face for 20-30 minutes).


My drawing skills with a tablet aren’t great (i need more practice) so forgive the amount of lines, but I hope this gives you a better idea of the changes that could be made to improve, not I closed the mouth, it’s better to start with a closed mouth then open it later. Drawing and modelling with the mouth open at the start is a lot harder.
Just a quick doodle:

Krayon on the front view the proportion of your draw over are wrong. In a normal human face the eyes are half way on the head. In your draw over the eyes are too high.

I think the head could use a little more volume in the cheeks but that is my taste.

I didn’t change the eyes, just put in a general pointer for the head proportions and possible changes, it is by no means an accurate drawing. I can do that if it is wanted but you would have to wait until tommorow for that as I would have to spend a bit of time on it. Something I’m limited on right now. =). Like I said a quick doodle.

@Krayon: That quick doodle is more than I need, I can keep the top of the head correct. I will also close the mouth and work on fixing the chin tomorrow.

@Musk: Yeah, I need to make the cheeks meatier, I don’t much like the starving to death look.

When I am done I might branch off into making a realistic head, but for now I just want it looking good and not alien (except the huge eyes).

You need some references. This is Adrianna.

As to the eyes, just keep the pupils in place when you change their size.

You can put these into the background of your 3d viewport, and use them to get your models features into realistic positions.

I believe the direction the artist wanted to go was more toon than realistic. cartoon proportions are different to those of a realistic human. which way do you want to model this anime or the more western Disney look that kind of info will determine the relevance of the critics that will be given.

Yes, tyrant monkey, this is going to be a cartoon, I did want decent features but did not want to go for realistic.
I will make the chin bigger and make the cheeks meatier, but the eyes are staying big and I will not be detailing the model. Because it is going to be half cell shaded I will only be worried about the general shape of the head.

I still don’t know if you going for anmie style or western. Anime is my thing and the best anime drawing resource I found was mangarevolution lots of drawing and digital painting tutorials check it out. Try and find out the ideal proportions of a cartoon.

The main difference between anime and realistic look is the more triangular facial shape and larger eyes.

Sorry, I am kind of going for my own thing right now. I generally draw small chins and large eyes, but not in the same proportions of anime, I guess it would be a mix of both.
the problem is that the model is not looking like how I draw and I am having a hard time making it look like that. I guess I will put up a few of my drawings.

What I want is the jaw to be a little larger, the chin about the same size and eyes about 1.5 times larger than normal eyes. I also make the pupils and iris way bigger than they should but is later on when I am making the eye…

I made an ear, I made it separately from the head mesh and then added it to it.
I worked on the chin and mouth a little bit, made the lips meatier and tried making the shape of the chin a little better.

Here are a few images I drew, I no longer have most of my drawings because they were stolen with my laptop bag (no laptop in it at the time). So I only have one drawing of a female but it shows not only my poor drawing skills but the small chin and huge eyes.