female character ('basic' nudity)

It will be my first, more serious character.
I started to work on this a while ago.

After creating a basic shape
I started to work on topology sighs

While creating the basic shape wasn’t so paintful, turning it into ‘topologic-right thing’ is really pain in the arse.
It’s like I have no idea what or how should I do it.
As reference for it I use some muscles schemes and pictures of other model’ wires, but as you can see, it isn’t very helpful.

Any advice and C’nC are most welcome.

I’ll update this post if I will make any progress…

For now ignore the head (it’s just temporary head. I’ll replace it with head I already made… or I will make a new one? shrugs) lack of hands and feets and legs’ shape.

Curently I made poor steps in defining the torso topology.

Thanks for your time.

good start but the legs are big…

i think those thighs are thicker than the waist. Other than the amazingly muzcular legs, the waist seems a bit high. By that i mean it should continue down further before it begins to curve out again, however the hips could stay in the same place if you know what i mean.

other than that, the torso and amrs are nice.