female character final ? -04/06/27 pg 3 *Polygonal nudity*

I had a little time to blend (calm on dev side, ouf) so I made my nth attempt to do a decent head.

I’m really pleased with TorQ technic, it’s straightforward and give very good results with an indecent low number of vertices. Many thanks to him to share knowledge.

much details missing around the eye.

Please comment and help me to make something really good.

edit-- image removed

Looks like you’re going for a young woman of classic beauty. That’s good for trying to model just a decent head, but some specific reference and/or a background story would help to also get some character into it.

Ooh, it looks like you left out the back of the head!?

Proportions of mouth and nose as well as the location of the eyes seem to be ok. But eyeballs are too large (except you want a comic feel, or very young person).

Only the ear is actualy rather bad. You should study the anatomy and retry later on.

You should join the halves for rendering. And maybe not use a material that looks ill.

Please also post straight front and side views plus wires when you update.

I’m not going for a classic sculpture, it was only the base mesh from TorQ tut, fitted to a true face (V. Ledoyen, a French Actress)

You were right for the eyes, the unsubsurfed was ok

added some face features and reworked a little the ears (still not there, but I’m stuck if I dont redo it higher poly). Those are a little less spock like, I think

changed the material, but it still modelling only one.

comments & critics still seeked :wink:

***edit - new versions ***
now textured with (heavily modified) blenderman procedural


I think the nostrils are way to big. I have never seen someone with quite that large of a nostril.

Luis- https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=21066&highlight=head

Its a good head model, just work on the nostrils some.

It the same than for the eyes, the unsubsurfed mesh was ok, and I didnt make attention that subsurf has so enlarged them.

For whatever reason the images don’t load for me now.
So let me just say:
I did not mean classic sculpture, but beauty/look. It might be debatable if Virginie fits in, but I say she can’t be far off.

Here everybody can have a look at Virginie LeDoyen:

some progress. I’m quite pleased by the skin.

Why do you think ?

I still think the nostrils are too large. And the expression on her face needs to change. Right now she looks my great-grandmother giving the evil eye especially if you added wrinkles to the forehead. The skin looks good though. Some OSA would be nice as well.

You just need to iron out a few things and you’ll be better off.

Nose, eyes and ears still need work. That lipstick is terrible! Anyway, the skin texture looks really good especially in the first large render. The other renders look like there is a strange pink light shining on her.

Eyes and ears, yes. Nose, I’m not sure I will change it.

As said, the skin is based on blenderman channels. I’ve changed all settings to get why I wanted, but not the basic setup which is good. Also a proof that more than 8 channels are needed we use here 7 only for color and Nor

For the oddness in front and side views, those are not renders but OpenGL shading, that’s why colors are odds. It was only to show the shapes.

going down. I will finish the full body before detailling more

Comments and critics ?


Looks good. I like the neck and shoulder area - much better than in my model.

The ears look a bit strange, but I can’t really say what’s wrong - but I can’t exactly point out what is wrong. They look good, but somehow don’t have a correct anatomy I guess.

Your skin texture is great, looks very real!

Keep up the work, this is going to be a great model!

– Elubie

going down, knees are unfinished


removed 2nd image see p2

Great job, I agree you still need work with the ears, but what’s one nose from another ? The knee and legs look a little square and the hips look strang, can’t say what’s wroung with it.

hips are fine, legs narrow down WAY to far, WAY to soon.

edit…hips…was a typo…

hits ? too soon ???

legs and feets finished

comments and critics still much welcomed

now the hands to do

edit image removed

that kinda looks like her 2 big toes are connected.

new render with different position of feets ans a head a bit sized down. I feel this is better.

also made the hands (not connected yet)

Comment and critics still seeked