Female character for a fighting game

Female character for a fighting game. I have been drawing some concept art for her over at twitch.tv/blastcenter (live at the time of posting) before starting to work on a 3d model. I thought it could be useful to post the progress of making the model from the earliest stage. Updates incoming in the future…

I’ll keep an eye on the stream. I’ve been looking for art related streams.

Some more concept art. Drawing live at twitch at the time of posting.

sweet! looks awesome

I concur! :ba:
That’s badass female fighter!

Somewhat done with the concept, time to move on to modeling. Streaming it on twitch.

interesting, I don’t have the time to watch the stream but the concept art is bad ass.

Okay, saw you had a little trouble on the stream today. I haven’t really done human topology, but this is what I was thinking. Still tons of work, but I highlighted what I thought might be important faceloops.


Okay, I like the concept so much that I spent a couple hours doing a version of my own. Granted this is the first time I’ve done a human body, I still have to add more detail and tweak everything till it looks right. I can upload the blend if you all think it might help with your version.

After seeing it in 3d, I think it needs a bigger butt.


Great concept art !
For a fighter i think the thoracic cavity/chest are is a bit too thin on the concept, for a fighter the muscles there should make the area larger ( and more like a V when seen from the back ) than it is currently, an example for women boxing for what i mean :

But over than this minor thing, it’s a rather impressive display of pencilling skill, good luck on the model.

Subdivided version of the current progress on the model.


Love your art style,especially her face and curves.

Your modeling is also top notch :smiley:

btw can you post a wireframe of the model?

A little update, hires version of the model without the mechanical parts (legs/hands), working on retopo.


I love the concept! I disagree with the previous statement about the torso. #1 it’s up to you how she appears, #2 it seems to me that as a fighter, her power is in her legs not her torso. You can really see this in the way you have really developed her legs. Two good reasons to leave her torso as is.

Unfortunately, I saw this post after you did the live feed of your sculpt and modeling. When I checked your channel, the feed wasn’t there. Would you consider reposting it so more people could enjoy and learn from it for a little while longer?

I look forward to seeing how the character progresses.

Nice work!!!

This is really cool. I like it. I don’t do any human figure models so I always find these fascinating. Very well done.

I checked your twitch channel but it doesn’t look like you have any past broadcasts on there. Can I see the modelling broadcast on YouTube somewhere? Link please.

I subscribed to your twitch channel to get alerts in case you do any more though! :RocknRoll: