Female Character for Freestyle

I wanted to see if something a little more delicate could be rendered in Freestyle. Of course, I was without a human model to start with, so I first spend two weeks on getting a decent human model. Then I adapted said model to the character design I had been twirling around in my head. Now I’m mostly focusing on the hair.

Current progress.

The concept-art for the style I’m going to try and achieve.

The first thing that comes to mind is that the model came out a lot more realistic, but I don’t think that’s too much of a problem. As long as I can get the right aesthetic mimicked, I’m happy. Strand modeling is my main focus right now.

Finished modeling the hair, I also laid base for the end materials I want to use, but I’ll need to UV map the hair proper for that first.

Will make attempts to model the clothing now.

so far, so good!

Okay, so I had modeled all of the clothing today, but me not saving enough and being too curious about some of the cloth-physics settings led to Blender crashing and me losing some work. On the upside, I did figure out how to get the armpit-folds without too much detail(extra level of subsurf+denim settings), so I’m sorta happy.

I doodled over the picture to figure out what I want changed. The cloaks gonna get a hood, and I want to add some decoration to the rims of the dress, but haven’t quite figured out the pattern yet.
I’m also going to change the texture on the dress for something with a lighter percentage of black.

I should also probably rig her a little…
Still though, learned lots about the cloth modifier.

EDIT: Thanks, Calzaath, great to know that I’m not modeling some monstrosity and not noticing due to bias :wink:

Have been mostly busy UV mapping, and it does the hair well.
I originally wanted to have the cuff-texture over the material of the cloth, but because the material of the cloth is completely different for the one of the cuff, and I can’t figure how to combine them(without cutting them out as separate faces, which I attempted but it makes the cloth simulation sad), I’ll just leave them inside this large black border.

I changed the texture of the dress a little, this one is lighter. May change it once again once I really get into the texturing.

Her appearance keeps changing a lot as well, as I wasn’t too satisfied with the original design. Who knows what she’ll look like once satisfied.

Currently getting familiar with rigify. Will want to set up a small environment soon enough as well.