female character for game

this is my first character please any useful critique will be appreciated im trying to keep it low poly cuz its for game

this is the same model with some clothes nothing impressive yet


this is the wireframe model

there are areas that look a bit dense for a game model, such as the middle of the forehead, the jaw, and around the lower ribs.

how many faces should i be aiming for and anything i should avoid doing i am going to redo the model with those pointers in mind thanks

it depends on how much stuff is in your scene, but a good rule is to keep it low wherever possible, then it doesn’t matter so much what’s in your scene.

i remade it removing alot of detail

and mostly the dense areas in the previous were edge loops i added without knowing they went through to the head hope this one is better i have to use it to learn animation
here is the solid

have finished the arms didnt do all the lrgs cuz i plan to make high metal boots

The forms are looking fairly good so far, keep it up. I think you could stand a little more density in your mesh (she’s very dense between her shoulder blades and around her mouth, but very sparse everywhere else), and you may want to work on getting those polygons to be a bit more square. Right now, many are rectangles. It’s been a while since I’ve done any human modeling, but I found this series of tutorials to be very helpful, and I highly recommend them: Learning Mesh Topology

One thing to keep in mind though - game engines don’t offer sub-surface modifiers. I would turn it off, if I were you. That way you will get a much more accurate representation of what the in-game character will look like.

thanks i also want to start doing her hair but all tutorials on hair are with particles i dont know if the game engine will render that i modelled the hair but it was horrible any help will be appreciated

THE FIRST ATTEMPT ON clothes was horrible this one is better just having fun with the model cuz i might have to start it over after watching the tutorials

Unfortunately, game engines generally don’t do particle hair either. Hair requires a lot of computing power, and it eats up the game’s computation cycles. If you search the internet for polygon hair tutorials, you’re bound to find lots of help. There are a few ways to accomplish polygon hair as well - some guys use alpha mapped images of hair on planes, and some guys actually create the hair forms from polygons and uv map them.

Here’s a good thread from the Polycount forum on polygon hair. The OP’s question related to creating hair in Maya, but the techniques are the same in Blender.


Edit: If you end up starting over, don’t feel too bad about it - game art is very complicated, and it takes years to learn how to do it well. It’s all about practice too. If I were you, I would spend my time working on learning the basics of organic modeling, and slowly build up your repertoire. Early in the learning process, it’s best to develop a solid understanding of the proper ways to accomplish things. Based on what you have here, I would say you have a good deal of potential!

today while ordered a maya tutorial cd but i will get it only on monday so watched the video tutorial on topology and just wanted to do something today

all the areas in red are where i made wrong topology will do this over and over till i master it GO BLENDER

have restarted the model but again went back to the old one with some texturing and bump mapping got this critique is welcome didnt use subsurf cuz it killed my pc