female character for game

this is the head for a game character im working on should i go for more details or will texturing and bump mapping take care of the rest here is the wireframe

will post torso soon
pls let me know what you think

I haven’t modeled for a game, but my understanding is that the fewer the the vertices the better. You have a great mesh, but you could get by with, I think, about half as many loops around the mouth and eyes (not the eye lids, but portion the is just beneath the brow that loop over the nose).

If you reduce the density, then you can add in a multi-res temporarily to make you bump and displacement maps to get the desired level of detail. Then you delete the multi-res once you’ve baked your maps so you getting a high-quality image on screen that is less expensive on the CPU/GPU.

I could be wrong, but I think this is your best approach. Overall, you faceloops look good. You might try to straighten the edge loops beneath the eye. The edges are little too close to the nose and it is causing some awkward stretching at the 5-point pole.

Can’t wait to see more! (^ ^)/ Keep up the good work.

this is all i have done was working on a car model just did this fore going to church and since i came to post on the gallardo just thought i should update

thanks medirender that would really help cuz i want as few details as possible with the most quality (every game artist’s dillemma) ill do just that

There is usually a loop along the jaw line, sometimes extending across the forehead as I show below. This is the only loop that seems to be missing on your model. It’s supposed to make better deformations for characters who open their mouths since it follows the jaw bone. With your cheek loops running smoothly across the jaw bone and under the chin, deformations in that area might not be a problem, though.

I’ve seen some meshes where the jaw loop ends near the ear.

i took your advice and remade it twice which is better to go with the first kind of looks beter but the second used fewer polys

If you are trying to make the jaw loop I recommend, you aren’t quite there yet.

This looks like the jaw loop on your model. The main problem is you have poles (red dots) all over the place.

Here is a ‘cleaner’ topology with the jaw loop. Try to limit poles to locations where two loops split apart in different directions, and eliminate the rest.

thanks alot for that refrence i have been looking for something like that pls if you have something similar for other parts of the body ill really appreciate it

I’ve been looking for something definitive for the body myself. There are a lot of competing models. The main problems are, of course, the shoulders and the hips. I’ve spent a bit of time studying meshes that are available from places like MakeHuman, BlendSwap or CG Cookie, especially blends that have been used in heavy duty animation, like Sintel. Not enough time, though, to have put together anything to share. I’m still working on it.

tried to fix it got rid of the poles but still didnt get it right might redo the whole head thanks orinco i really want this to be perfect

Awesome example! Thank you for sharing! Good topology examples are hard to come by and you have created an excellent piece for the head. Well done. I want to point out, again the amount of definition Orinoco has achieved with very few edge loops. He has kept his poly count low and has maximized his topology to make animation of th mesh far easier and pleasing to eye.

@medirender, I hope I didn’t give the impression that the head topology I posted is my original work. I do a lot of searching and reading on the web, and that image is one of the results. It was created by Brazilian BlenderArtist GiovanniLucca for his thread Female Character (A walk through in the whole process) Finished!

gave up on fixing the old model will just change the whole head meanwhile i finished the body (except the hands and feet did them but they really need work) and created an anime charcter head with the above topology really have to master that

cuz of restraints

@Orinoco, my misunderstanding. It is still a great reference. Thank you for sharing! ^ _ ^

@DiamondDDesign your body topology isn’t too bad, but there are a couple areas that need a little more (and a little less) love. The shoulders look fine. That is one of the most difficult areas to get to deform well so having enough geometry really helps. The over difficult area to get to deform is the hip joint. Right now, your deformations aren’t going to deform naturally. I suggest at look at some muscle anatomy references. Adjust you topology to follow the underlying musculature you’ll see much better deformations. Remember, when you deform a joint, you want to have greater loop density to that when a surface is stretched, the distortion isn’t too terrible. I am speaking from personal experience on this one as I have modeled figures without enough loops and I’m going to have to use a bunch of corrective shape keys to fix the bad deforms (I don’t could redo the topology, but I have reached a point where I just want to finish the model and move onto another, haha).

@medirender thanks i just saw what you talking abbout rigged with rigify and the results made me almost cry i have no where to go ill look up some anatomy refrences would post some pics of the deformations but they might ban this thread for gore and violence will work on it the whole night if i have to but ill get there eventually

Haha, no problem @DiamondDDesign. I felt the same way the first time I saw the result of have too few loops at my model’s joints. and have the loops not lie along natural fold lines set by underlying musculature. You’ll be a better modeler by researching the anatomy and understanding how the character moves. If you can understand how to deform your mesh as a rigger, it levels up your modeling exponentially!

Can’t wait to see your results!

@Diamond, Looking really good. Just out of curiosity what’s the polycount for something like that that’s been cleaned up with retopo? Just kinda wondering. Looks amazing! I’m not giving up…just kinda got a little frustrated on mine at the moment but hey practice makes perfect.

my poly count is about 7k and i havent even retopo yet might not even do it depends on frame rate on the BGE

help the shoulder is killing me dont know what i ve done wrong the elbow and knee are okay or now will look at the shoulder tomorrow exhausted now