Female character - goddess wip

This the project im currently working on, its character for a contest(if i finish it in time)

she doesn’t have a name yet though, but she is suppose to be a fierce goddess of wind and storms


i know lot of these kinds of female characters are done in very skimpy clothing, but she is going to be covered almost all in clothing, trying to put as much detail into her clothes as possible


looking good so far :slight_smile:

good start but the face looks kinda generic so far, and not reallly godlike… maybe you can make it thinner and more accentuated?

I’m not great at these things, but for a good reference look at The Lord of the Rings, the scene where the princess of the wood elves goes crazy (The name escapes me right now…) And look at the kind of image that is conveyed there, it may give yuo a good something to work with.

Progress update…


Is it just me or is her butt a little too big?
So yeah i think you kinda overdid the hourglass shape, i mean the small waist just goes very sharply into a wide buttocks.
I could be wrong, but just make sure you reference female proportions

As for the clothing…
I think the body armor thing looks fantastic.
However the lower armor…just something bout it doesnt want to make me say “fantastic”. I dont think it is bad at all, but maybe it is just not the same style at the upper body armor?
Yeah i think that is exactly what it is. Yeah, see, the body armor has wavy drawings, and the legs and hips have a “chevron” kind os design.
But then i dunno…food for thought…good luck

Well, i found a reference image i think you might like, Lady Galadriel from Lord of The Rings.
is that the kind of end look you are going for? All powerful type thing?

@DDD U are right that rest of the armor plating style isn’t quite right, specially the hip one is bugging me too.
One thing is what u have kinda imagined and other one, what it actually looks like :o

As for the hour glass shape, i think its the camera angle and the armor/clothing that give the “illusion” of really “curvy” hips. Body really isn’t out of porpotions compared to reference images and looking at it in edit mode.

@Wefyb haha… not maybe that extreme but smth close :smiley:

goes back to drawing board to think some things over

I wanted to ask, what method did you use to create the scrollwork on the breastplate?

Retopo + lot of extruding xD