Female Character "Her" (just by now)

Hello, I’ve just started this a week ago and hadn’t posted anything. I’m currently working on a female character. Here’s some of my progress (on the week). Here they are.


With AO. Just trying, first attempts.

W/o AO. Added more things.

Refined the nose. The lips too.

Added the rest of the head.

Current. Started with the ears (OMG what a pain!!)

That’s it. Your comments are welcome, you know, just don’t blame me for my mirror modelling :slight_smile:

Im kind of empty on comments right now, but the ear needs work…Im sure you know that. I would define the nose a bit more. Looks good so far, keep working on it.

Show me the wire! :stuck_out_tongue:
Nice smoothnes of the model…ears are quite tricky, so see you next week :stuck_out_tongue: lol :stuck_out_tongue:


verry nice m8, no comment so far. Can i see a wire?

TXS all for your comments!
Want a wire? Here it is:



(Still working on the ears)

Looking good so far. Keep it up. I haven’t much to say since you are still tweaking things.

Now I started work on the body. Please give me some ideas :slight_smile:
Please note I concentrated on the upper part of what’s modelled. The lower part is just for trying to get proportions decently.


Ok I haven’t posted for a while, cause I was trying to improve her face and all that. Things I have added:

  • Eyes (complete)
  • Lashes
  • A bit of her arms and legs
  • Corrected some parts of the face
  • Added a preliminar hair mesh (not definitive)
  • And greets! I’m no longer working on mirrored mesh :slight_smile:

Here is the progress:


veeeeeeeeery nice dude erm cant crit right now maby later need to study it more :P.

Under the arms is really strange. It looks like she has two armpits.
Like it overall though.


From that wireframe, the face mesh could need some cleaning.
Do you know about edge-loops and localized detail?
If not:
(starting with 3rd post) and a well known face/edge-loop tutorial:

On the last image:
The face looks nice, good proportions. Neck is too thin (except you want comic style). Well, everything below needs much work. You should work with reference photos.

Great links man! They’ll certainly open my eyes :open_mouth: I was unsure about adding 4-verticed tris, but now I know they work. Thanks for the help!

you’re welcome :slight_smile:

For the reference photos, go to http://www.3d.sk
Nice character!

Great work as far as the “character” of this model is concerned. You do need to clean up some geometry at the armpits, but I think the main area you need to be concentrating on are the proportions of the figure. For example, the proportion of chest width to hip width seems to be off right now.

Study some references on female body proportions and you should be able to figure out what needs work. Here are some linksl:

DÜRER, Albrecht

LOOMIS, Andrew


Hope these help. Looking forward to more updates.


great job so far :smiley: