Female Character [Nudity]

Hey guys this is my first attempt to make something organic. I have no idea what I’m doing but I’m determined.

Originally I was thinking of making a robot dino, but then I reread the rules for the blendswap competition and noticed it had to be humanoid.

I thought it would be a good idea to try something that I could get good references. So i will try to make something that looks human and then modify it to make it fantasy. I’m thinking the character might be a female elf or I might make it something like the character barb wire. I had these ideas before I saw the thread about the male elf.

So, I have been following the blendercookie tutorial and this is this is a basic block out. I will use this as a scale reference.


You should sculpt because it makes more fast the work and well this is not a bad idea for modeling, and you still have a lot of work to do right now :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t sculpt in blender. My computer is to slow.

I can’t believe how long this took me to do this, but I have done my first eye. I spent hours trying to figure out what the problem with my render. I finally found that I had forgotten to allow one of the materials to receive shadows.

Everything was made by me, even the iris texture.


Hi Macktruck6666 - About the eye, I would suggest some faint bump mapping. As far as I understand, lens is separate, right? Then I could suggest hardening specularity. This and bump map, on veins and iris should give pretty nice results.

About modelling - Have U tried BMesh? Itr really speeds things up, as a middlework.
As always, Johnatan Williamson provides us with a great overview - http://cgcookie.com/blender/2012/02/14/blender-bmesh-modeling-system-overview-01/

Do the veins actually cause bumps on the surface of the eye?
Okay, this is how I did it. Everything is one mesh, I have an outer layer with high transparency and refracting. The inner layer has everything else. I didn’t model a lens because that’s hidden by the pupil. Do you mean the cornea? It’s a different material so I can make it harder.

Ya, I think I watched that tutorial about Bmesh. Has that been released in a stable version?

Well, this is another first for me. This is my first time baking normals. I baked the normals for the iris. Does this look better or worse? As for the veins, I don’t know how to make normals for those. Those are just part of an image.


Okay, I’m tired of people telling me that I’m a complete failure… So I’m finishing this competition. This is the work I did yesterday, I behind so my goal today is to get all the topology done. Wish me good luck.


I’m not sure if you’re joking or not. If that’s what you’re really thinking then all I can say is that you’re being too hard on yourself. As far as I can tell, no one has mentioned any such thing. The key thing here is that you’re learning effective and necessary techniques that you’ll be able to build on throughout your experiences in any form of visual artistry. Your enthusiasm and determination says a lot, so keep up the good work.

Okay, Here is the nose. Got to do the dishes, then back for the next part. The reference is very odd. It seems to have a very high brow line. If anyone knows a good way to make an eye in cycles, I would be very interested.


Okay, got tired of the poor renders with Blender Internal so I switched everything to cycles. This may be a problem because as far as I know cycles can’t render hair. I think there is a workaround for making the particles into curves, but I will have to look into that when the time comes.

The person that I am using for a reference seems to have a big upper lip. I’m not sure what’s up with the eye, it might just need more passes. So here is the progress, I may do more tonight.

Edit: The problems with the eyes is the normal map. Not sure why it works in one blend file and not in another. I might mess around with it if I have time. For now, I will disable the normal map on the iris.


Okay, didn’t have much time to do anything today cause i had a long day at work and I have to go in early tomorrow. I need some feedback about the topology of the face I’m working on. In the picture below your will see the original face I had on the right and the revision on the left. I was trying to match the faceloops in the blendercookie tutorials and noticed that all the faceloops were going from the eye and into the nustril. I fixed it so that a few of the faceloops make it to the mouth. (probably allows better deformation?) but I get a 5 pointed star? (highlighted) Can anyone with experience give me advice?


Hey mack, here is a women I did a while back, it may give you a good idea about proportions and such. Here is an image of a good female anatomical proportion. .Blend attached at the end :wink: I hope this helps :wink:

femaleHunteress.blend (1.45 MB)
Happy Blending :wink:

Man, you have allot of good work. Why haven’t I seen any of it before? I noticed your model (and many other very good models) have 5 point stars in similar areas, One in the cheek and one in the brow ridge. I have a reference I’m working from so I think I’m good on proportions.

Well, these are my personal work. I cannot post any of my commercial work. And I really don’t like posting non finished work.

As far as 5 point stars polygons in the poly flow, its not as bad as ppls may think. Never caused me problems as long as they remain quads, great way to avoid triangles I guess. I guess it also depends on the type of rig you use. If you stick with only simple bone rigs, regardless of stars or not, you will never have good deformations. I usually use a combination of bones, mesh deform, and shape keys.

Your unfinished work is better then my finished work. Actually, I don’t think I’ve actually ever finished anything. So… if I didn’t post unfinished work, I wouldn’t have every posted.

in quad modelling, 5 point stars (e-poles) are necessary. Any 5 point star defines a separation between two loops. extrude a face in a plane and look at the results, four e-poles, at the points where you created de extrusion (new internal loop in the face).

When you model something organic, try to model every loop and muscle separated, and when its right every separated part, you can join the vertices. Its a good technique, nowadays its wayyyy faster to sculpt and retopo because its easier.


jeannot dude some serious skil again lol.
mack the eyes look really good man, the colour of the iris looks really close to what you would expect. I wouldnt worry too much about a bump map for the veins on the eyes though as they are below the surface of the eye i would add a bit more variation to them though as the ones which are visible look too uniform to be natural.

looks like your making good progress :slight_smile:

Ya, I might add some very light veins and change the color of the white into an off-white/slightly yellow. Just did the ears. I tried to follow the blendercookie tutorial, but the ears are quite different. At one point I couldn’t find why it wasn’t matching the tutorial so I did the best I could. I don’t want to get stuck on the ears. If I choose to make this an elf, I will have to try to make them pointy.


OT/ I feel mislead, there is no nudity in this thread. Msg me when there is. ;D /OT

LOL. thanks Farmfield, I needed the laugh. You are a breath of fresh air around here it seems.

Funny part is that this thread has more views then all my other threads.