Female character with long (new) hair

Hey everyone,

Here’s a character I’m working on, and an opportunity to take the new hair stuff for a spin. First up, I didn’t do the body, it’s just the lo poly female from poser 4. I did the head, the hair and the clothes.

Main reason I’m posting is that I’m getting frustrated with the hair guides, they’re ok, but they only seem to get you so far and then get too hard to control to go any further. So any suggestions or techniques anyone could offer would be muchly appreciated…


Here are some see through shots of her head to give you an idea of how I’m trying to control the hair. I have a simple mesh (with three polygons) for each side of the hairdo. Then I have four hair guides coming out of it. Then I also Alt-D a copy of the guides out from the head a bit so I can adjust them without having to turn the hair on and off continually.


Also, while I’m on a roll, can anyone tell me why UV textures don’t show properly in the viewport when they render fine? See the following two pics to see what I mean


Simon O

A few noticable issues with the person.

The eyes are way off center. You should probably bring them a little closer together and move them to the right.

The nose seems a little odd shaped…unless that’s the look you’re going for. The hair is also a little sparse-looking. Or maybe it’s just your settings.

The UV problem you’re having could be that you are in vertex paint mode (I’m guessing). That and the fact that things look a lot different than they do in the viewport. Never expect to see the same thing in both places. Oh wait, it’s the pants. Yeah, things render differently than they look in the viewport, but maybe a more expeirenced Blenderhead could clarify this issue.


str1d3r he said that the mode was from poser and the thing he needs advise on is the hair.

sigh I know, sorry. :-? I’m just really nitpicky.

I’ve never worked with the hair guides but you could try to use this (haven’t tried it either): http://www.dedalo-3d.com/index.php?filename=SXCOL/makehair/abstract.html

It looks to me like it could be very handy.

Sorry for the other post.

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