Female character


(kleber parente) #21

thanks for the compliment, did not know the game thank you and for the reference of the game.

(kleber parente) #22

At the moment I do not have a video tutorial how I paint the skin and materials. But I’m going to make a video about this. When you have a prompt.
I will also post some links with references of processes that I saw on the internet while I did not finish my video.
I take some ideas from reference videos and adapt others.

(kleber parente) #23

thank you very much, I’m flattered it’s already the second time they say it’s stopped
with the game “Detroit: Become Human”.

(xevo) #24

Cool that will be awesome I have been working on a model in substance painter but I can’t make it work right on blender!!! Links would be appreciated

(kleber parente) #25

follow some links that I believe may be helpful.
The way the textures are produced even though in other programs, can give the idea of how to adptar to do in the blender.
Thanks to the people who produced these videos tutorials.

(kleber parente) #26

I just posted some videos I found on the internet on how to do the skin texture. As long as there’s some time left, I make some videos like I do.

(alf0) #27

damn you just save me alot of time

(alf0) #28

damn you just save me alot of time

(Benny_Flex) #29

Great job @kleber_parente . The texture looks real . thank you for sharing.