Female Character

Hey Guys,

I recently rendered this model. I think it turned out pretty well ;). Done in Blender Internal.

Hope you like it! It’s not quite finished, she will get some clothes and stuff.

Critique is very welcome, after all it’s hard to see issues after starring at something for too long!

First off, I think you need some better lighting so you aren’t distracted by the harsh shadows, maybe just turning on ambient occlusion would help. Weak spot for me is where the physical brow above the eye is versus where the eyebrow hairs end. Looking good so far.

No bad, actually like it, since the eyes have life i can say ‘go ahead, make a movie with her’!

I like thin and small chin…

the shadows are masking some of the details but overall looks really good :slight_smile:

Good proportions overall but the materials need a huge amount of work, everything looks very artificial and plastic. The eyelashes are too soft & fuzzy, need to be a bit spikier (though this may be due to their shadows, which look odd to me); the eyebrows have good strand structure but the taper is backwards – they should be thicker toward the center of the brow and taper to the outside of their arc. The head hair is nicely done though the hairline where the strands enter looks a little abrupt. Think about making the transition from lower lip to upper chin area little less drastic (though softening the shadows may help this, also), to help the lip look softer and fleshier. The overall bone structure of the face is OK but lacks the small tweaks of detail that can really humanize a character. Hints of bone shapes under the cheekbones, brows, chin and bridge of the nose, even very subtle ones, can help a lot. Also make sure the nose isn’t too generic-looking, they are all unique and a little custom shaping there can create a more natural look. Add at least a suggestion of the naso-labial folds.

RE: Material & textures. Skin almost always needs an SSS material to work well, so look into the options for using that. You’ll also want bump maps for pores, blemishes, and lip wrinkles. Using Texture Paint to add subtle coloration details is a good way to liven up the skin – blush in the cheeks, a little paleness around the tip of the nose, lip coloration, etc. Plus freckles, moles, even a tiny zit or two :wink: Specular maps are important also, since not all areas of the face have the same “shininess.” The eyes need a suggestion of color – they are never pure white – and more definition of veins at the peripheries. Inner eyelid coloration should be pinker, and you can use a Shrinkwrap modifier to make the inner lid match up very close to the eyeball, and eliminate the gap. The transition from iris to sclera (the white part of the eyeball) is never hard-edged, so soften it some to lose that glass-eye look. Iris coloration looks pretty good if a bit too dark & contrasty.

All of the above is in the way of fine tuning what is already a very good start, depending on how far towards a naturalistic look you want to go.

Thank you very much for this great comment! I will look into all that and try to improve it as much as i can! I would really appreciate it if you could give me further advice once i correct some of the issues you pointed out,cause i just took a glance at the work on your homepage, and i think you’re the right Artist for that :wink:

Btw: How long did your “Orthello - General of Venice” Image take to render? Still suitable for an animation? Because that would be the realism to go for, but i’d like to create animation with my model later on.

Thanks for your time


You’re very welcome! I haven’t rendered Othello lately to time it, but I don’t think it was over 10 minutes @ approximately 1280x720 (720p) size. The short movie I did with lip synch on my Vimeo page was much smaller because it was animated, IIRC it was about 4-5 minutes per frame. If you’re interested, the Othello link in my sig gos to a thread where you can download the basic face rig used for that piece. It was an experiment in using only bones for facial animation, and works fairly well, I think. Plus it can be used as the basic deformation method for generating facial shape keys, if that’s your preference.

I’ll do what I can to offer tips as you progress, but hopefully I’ll be too busy to answer every question (heh_.