Female Character

(EDIT 2) Some Still for the cover:


(EDIT) Complete Face Rework:
Redone eyelashes and eyes, removing the crosseye effect:



Hello, i am quite a beginner with Blender, and after many tries, i finally modeled a character to my liking.
The Body is Sculpted out a Makehuman base mesh, including the head.
The textures are resampled and modified Makehuman ones.

The rigging is made with my modified version of BlenRig, still needs some refinement.

But, i kinda need help with clothes.
I modeled this underwear:


It is transparent, i’m having trouble figuring out a way to animate it, i guess i would have to model a second bodymesh with the underwear merged to it(no body beneath it) so it would be rather easy to animate it.

But then, the texture is a problem, that all special “transparent underwear effect” is gone.

If anyone has any idea feel free to comment.

Feel free to make any critics about it as well.

Many thanks. Thales.

Well you could parent the clothes to the girl, so that when you move the girl it moves the clothes. To parent an object select the clothes first then the girl and press CTRL P and you should be safe with the first option

Well, that would only move the clothes around, not actually animate them, so, when i animate the girl, the skin just pops up from the clothes.

Try something different instead. Duplicate your woman mesh and go into edit mode. There your delete everything but where her clothes should be. Then press alt+S and scale it a little outwards. Now, model your clothes out of this leftover from your woman mesh. Then it will move just like her body. You can also hide the planes in your woman mesh, that are underneath her clothes.

You can also read more about making clothes here: http://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/1124/how-should-clothes-be-modified-to-fit-a-character-model

Hope that helped. :wink:

Yeah sorry I forgot about the animating part

Join the clothes to the mesh. That’s one way to make the clothes behave properly.

I think to get back that ‘transparent underwear’ look that you have lost, you will have to give the underwear the same material as the skin, with a texture overlay of the underwear pattern.

(PS: Nudity warning is also helpful for people who might check in to BlenderArtist during breaks at work.)

Many thanks guys! And, that’s okay AaronAnnuscheit.

I guess the best option in case of the underwear, would be to join it to the body.
The Underwear has a different UV Layout than that of the body, and has a different topology as well, but since i use a meshdeform cage to animate her, the topology won’t be the biggest problem.
What i’ve encountered as the biggest difficulty is making the underwear have the same skin projection as the body, if you know what i mean.

Is there any way to project the texture present in the body “outwards”, and to the underwear?
So that the underwear would have the same colors as the body, basically, then i would just overlay the underwear texture onto it.

Meshdeform cage to animate character is really weird idea imho. I’m afraid that she will be bending like a inflatable rubber doll, because you will have no control at the joints.

Hehe, i was afraid someone would say that. That second pic of the thread, of her standing, is posed using the meshdeform, the cage is driven bay an Armature, so, there is control over joints. The Armature deforms the Cage, that deforms the Model.

Make a search on Google about BlenRig, is a very realistic and accurate rigging system based on this system. Mine is a modification of BlenRig, that i did to ensure realism with female models.

But that’s a cool observation of yours.

Ok. If there is a rig to precisely place joint it could be working. I have not use blenrig, I prefer rigify.
But I’m still Doubting Thomas. I’ll believe when I see her elbow when she will be touching face, an when i see fingers folded in fist

Okay, take a look:

The hands are Armature-only driven, it would be a real pain and the biggest problem to try and animate them with meshdeform.
But, the elbows, shoulders behave pretty much realistically, i’m having a little issue at the butt, when her leg is raised to an extreme amount.

All in all, it looks pretty good, doesn’t it?

The finger joints deform pretty nice. The elbows have a sharp edge in this pose (nearly black edge).

Where/How are you going to use this model?
How did you built the underwear?
I’m just curious, because you say that you’re pretty new to blender, but the underwear looks pretty clean and detailed :-).
Maybe you can make a wireframe render of only the underwear?

Well, actually i said i was quite a beginner, not that i was new to Blender, i try to learn Blender for 4 years now, i have learned many things, but i kinda suck on how to solve certain modeling and animation problems, most of them actually.

I intend to use this model firstly as a study subject to better myself at CG artwork.
Secondly i plan on doing some art with her, make her a ballerina for example, and maybe animate her dancing, or maybe, just stills (for now).
Among other things, ideas i have, i simply love the way the female body moves and bends, and all it’s curves. I love doing art with women, that’s all.

About the underwear, it is a really simple mesh, the secret is in the texture.

Here is Wireframe (OpenGL Rendered from viewport):

I simply modeled it around the body, extruding and pushing vertices around.
And the texture i made (downsampled):

The same texture is used as Diffuse map, Glossy map (inverted), and Transparency map.

i see. i thought there is maybe a bit of volume on the Underwear Mesh, because there is a shadow on the transition between the underwear and the skin. Thats a nice Pattern you got there.
4 years is actually a long time, so you should not call yourself a beginner hehe.
i wish you good luck on whatever you will do with her :-).

you should tweak her eye textures, she’s looking a bit cross-eyed

Elbow bends better than mine do. I’ll try this technique. Thanks.

Thanks cerfribar! I believe i could say that i am an Intermediate user then. Certainly not a Professional one.
SterlingRoth, i will take a look into it, thanks!
ikkiz, that´s right man! it takes a little work to make it good, mine still needs some tweaks, do a search for BlenRig 4, and there are some great tutorials on youtube by JPBouza, take a look at´em!


First Still confabulations:

This pic tries to capture all the graciousness of movement.

Mesh deform example.

feet does not look right. Joint is too hight.