Female Face modeled in blender

I was doing this model for a while. This is my first attempt to create a face in blender.
i know hair is crappy,trying to improve on it. C&C welcome :slight_smile:


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First try?
Really good work.

My C&C:
Where are the WIREFRAMES?!!!111 :smiley:
I don´t find the rendering too pleasting, I guess you neglected material settings a bit and light setup.
The specularity of the eyes looks nice, but you should try to make them look wet, they look like all dry marbles which steals the model believability IMO (same for lips) (try to use mirror and a texture that it has something to mirror… wet surfaces reflect environment)
Hair is lacking specularity, looks dull and dead.
The ears, seems you neglected texturework a bit there. They have a differend (darker) skintone, be sure to have an even skintone in the textures - also around the mouth.

I really like how you cached the seam between projected hairtexture and the actual hair with the alice band.

I think you got to choose what it is going to be in the end. (I get it it is not really finished project rather than focused critique/WIP as you tinker with the hair) Photorealistic or a Game model. Currently it´s a hybrid by my guess of the polycount (wireframes?).
Too many polys for a game model, too less strand hair, texture and material quality for photorealistic.

Don´t get me wrong though, I think for a first face it is a grand attempt, you got talent for organic stuff.
I think I also know the reference you used… it is from 3dsk, ain´t it? :smiley:

Oh, and wireframes? :smiley:

Hello arexma,

Thank you verymuch for this long and detailed C&C :slight_smile:
First of all here are the wireframes

I dont know how to render wireframes in blender, so i just took screenshots. (subdivision is on)
And i agree with whatever you have said. i havn’t worked on materials much. in fact i am still an amateur in blender. I haven’t used any specular map.thats why hair and face looks dull. i thought i will add specularity in textures itself. and the ears,yes i thought i can cover them by the hairs so i neglected the texturing part little bit ,but you have noticed it well :o.
Initially i wanted a photo realistic model, but it ended up as a hybrid model as u said.
I don’t remember where i got the reference picture.but here is the pic

i will try to add some specularity to both hair and face and render agian.
once again thanks a lot for your valuable comments:D

Its pretty sweet- some SSS would do the skin some justice. You haven’t concentrated much on your textures as much as your modelling I think? Still pretty darn good.

Yeh, she´s from 3d.sk one of the free models IIRC.
For your first head the topology is astonishing - although I see areas to retopo but I don´t want to roll an extensive topo discussion here =)
Either you´r a natural or you did your share of research :smiley:

Topology is good, very clean and you managed to keep it low without losing detail. This is really a good skill in modeling.
Resembles to the model too.
Everything else has been already pointed.
Gook work :slight_smile:

Its Ariane. I would be happy to get eye sockets so right as you.

Look nice but need more loops in all the head that’s for sure

Friends, thanx for the comments… :slight_smile:

@ Arexma
Its ok. i dont mind getting some useful info… :stuck_out_tongue:
And sure i did my research before start this model… i watched lots of face modeling tutorials… :slight_smile:

Can you tell me where all i should add loops?

Hello Guys,
i have modified the textures little bit.Now the skin tone is even.
added some specularity and normal map to the hair. Changed the lighting too.
is this render better than the earlier one?

wow that’s great

thanx friend :slight_smile:

As model this is great!

As a portrait it look like You been to faithful to the reference while modelling in ortoghonal mode. The features close to the camera look blown up (face) and the more distant stuff (head, ear) look shrinked. Ether that or You have actually rendered with fish-eye like camera settings.

I wounder if it’s possible to fix stuff like this by some perspective manipulations with a lattice modifier?

Anyone tried that?

Really nice model! Could you render it with 85mm camera (assuming the model is in the right scale)?

Ofcource it’s modeled in blender, you don’t have to mention it in the topic name.

And, well, you lack SSS.
And it seems she has yogurt on her lips.
You could use a specular map with white on the part of the lips, nose and eyes. Will make her more alive.

I have circled something that I noticed below. That single vertex has six edges connected to it (a vertex with more than four edges is called a “pole”). You might want to look at this tutorial about head topology: http://www.blendercookie.com/2010/01/28/topology-overview-the-head/

Other than that, good job! :yes: The topology around the mouth and nose is pretty good, as far as I can tell.

something is up with the proportions- from a quick measure you may want to lower her eyes and raise the top of her head- these things can be tricky, but compare the eye height of your model to the top of her head to the photo- it’s way off. Also the head in general is too narrow.

Maybe it’s the perspective and fov selected that makes it looks too narrow, because in the “nearly from front” wireframe screenshot up there, the head looks much more natural and realistic , probably ortho mode ?

Try pulling the camera back and narrowing the fov! Anyone looks bad with a wide angle lens stuck in their face!

It’s pretty good topology really, textures look like a good start… hair design looks very lank and ‘rats tail’.

At the end of the day this is just a study at the moment… would like to see it become a finished work.

Don’t forget teeth and the inside of the mouth! They add lots to any character.
That opens up a lot more possibility for posing.
Get some expressions going else all talk of topology is academic… it’s only by doing poses ad shapes that you truly understand what is good or bad!

At the moment she’s just a blank staring head. Personally I put character and composition ahead of working on skin shades minutia. Any one can learn about sub surface scatter etc, but that doesn’t make it art!

Ps, face is fine but cranium is too small and short… jay is right.

Eyeline to hairline is spot on, hairline to top of head is about half the height it should be from front view.

I guess it doesn’t help that you ref image was cropped there!