-female face(updated)

i have created a female face using one of the tutorials here, but i want a body and a head too…the body is not such a problem but how the hell do i create the back of the head from this face? any advices?


no one is answering me so i added a few more races:


(human, drow, goblin, orc)

I assume that you are working on one half. So you need to extrude multiple sections and work your way towards the back. Lots of hand tweaking and smoothing.

DON’T forget the ears! Always use quads (those triangles should be used sparingly, if at all).

It takes time and practice.


I’ll get you started with what you need worked out.

The eyes sockets are to big, and need to be moved back.
The nose needs to be defined and that bottom, and the nose gets way to wide on top.
You need to bring out the cheeks more.
The mouth needs to be worked on; get the lips to stick out more.
The forehead looks off, it shouldn’t be that round.

Anyways, those are some suggestions to get you going. Also you should try using some reference images to get the proportions right.

Good luck.