Female Face

i have been using Blender for nearly five years now but have only tried sculpting over the last two months. To date I have done one bad male character. one cat head and two Dragon heads, this is my first attempt at a Female face.
All thoughts and comments are most welcome as I’m very new to this sculpting and no doubt I have made numerous mistakes.


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Nice beginning! You need to first be aware of the skull beneath the face muscles in order to portray a beliavable looking human head.

I try to show about it here:

in addition to yakuza’s comment, use references as much as you can in the beginning.
Learning is faster that way.
and for sculpt try not to worry about finishing it just sculpt away!

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Thanks for the link, lots of useful information there. I’m going to make a start on sculpting a skull as it appears to be the best way to learn about the shape of a human head.


Thanks for the comments. It’s always tempting to push on to the end just to see how things turn out, but I will focus on the sculpting now that I have the basics of how to paint the skin.

Have fun! If you stick to it you’ll progress rapidly.