Female Game Character

I haven’t posted a WIP or finished project in a long long time due to lack of insightful comments so please humor me and be judgemental.

Concept by my comrade Yufster on the left.


Intentionally low on geometry, will create normal map with a hi-poly model later. This is intended for the Crystal Space engine.

1594 triangles.

I don’t normally comment much here but have to say she’s got nice shape and form considering the polycount, esp having individual fingers. Good treatment with the hair as well. Should be interesting to see what happens with the normal mapp applied.

Crits : only one really…
Her wrist looks a bit odd in that far right panel although I’m aware that it might just be a pespective thing due to the camera angle and it’s proximity to the mesh.

I’ve updated the original post with the tri-count. The number at the top is not a triangle count and was only for one half of the model.

Ah heh, yeah that would make sense. I always find that counter up top there a little confusing as it doesn’t always update and show the whole scene. It’s still a good model anyway :wink:


reminds me of the Monkey Island characters, very nice :slight_smile:

Yeah there is a monkey island flair
Nice modelling

Euh Crystal Space engine???

Crystal Space is an open source game engine. it’s not bad just compiling the bitch can nearly drive you mad. up to now i didn’t manage it. i donno if it is already production-stable as the last time i looked at it (must be a year now) it was not.