Female Game Face.. UDATED 8/27/08!!

Okay…I am working on a Game with my friend Tarkata14…Right now i am working on a Female…I want to make a body from the head mesh…Like make a neck then shoulders ect ect

Right now this is what iv got


BUMP…i hate to do it…but i need some help before i can go any farther

Mostly okay. Mostly.

You have several five-edge vertices that are very obvious from the side view and in places that will hurt animation. They can be solved by either resolving into extra edges (better) or inserting tris (not so good for rendered pictures/animations, but mostly fine for games, and results in less extra faces).
Apart from that, looking good. Defining collar bones is a good next step :slight_smile:

Thank you…Can you point out where i can fix the five-edge vertices?? I dont really understand what that means…I should probably mention the this is my 2nd Human looking head…

Also I’ve been having troubles getting the Collar bone to look right…Any suggestions or tutorials?

Thank you so much for your comment

Is she going to be bald in the game? Lets assume no… So start making the hair man!! also it looks like she has a tumor in her neck. It should be more smooth not bulging out like that.

Your model looks weird to you because she is bald. I have seen a bald woman and I never want to again. Try to add it in and you will have a better eye as to what looks off.

Thanks for your comment(ps.LOVE GIR)

I dont really know how to model out hair…and it will be done probably last…

The collar bone seems really sticky outy so ill go back and edit that…But this is my 1st attempt at anything like this so…yeah…


I made the Collar bone seem less sticky outy and less manly…I am having troubles on how to make the Shoulders if anyone can help that would be great.


Annotating what I mean…

I’ve circled the vertices I was referring to in red. These will cause headaches (you can probably get away with those in front of her ear and on her neck. Actually those two should be fine) if at any point you try to change the shape of the face.
I did start to draw out some possible paths for solution, but without writing them out completely to resolve all the other things they broke (ie. introducing >4 edged faces), they’re relatively useless to you.

As for the shoulders, they should sort of follow out from the collar (extrude sideways? :))

Thank you Fudje!! Should I Delete the 3verts not by the ear? Or what should I do?

As for the collar bone to shoulder…I will try to get somthing looking good today…
Thanks for helping guys/girls

Okay! I added some side shoulder…I cant get the shoulder part looking right…As I am typing this I am messing around with the mesh…so ill probably have an Update right after i post this…


…Is it looking good?? I need replys!!! lol

Okay… I started working on the back and i think it will help me with the shoulders. I have no reference pictures…so i am just using my self as one… I am not a female but i know that females shoulders are smaller then males…This is what iv got so far


Should should slope down more, those and the back might have too many vertices for a game model.
Having a head with that much detail is fine, but the body needs to be less detailed. You can do nifty stuff with bump mapping and other GLSL tricks now-a-days, so just having the basic shape in the first instance is good. Try to avoid having more than is absoultely necessary to describe your shape.
About 10000 tris in total for a major model is good. If your final basic model has more than 15000 tris you should rethink what you’re doing. Currently you have 404 faces, double for applying mirror mesh is 808, double again because they’re quads and GL faces are all tris, and we have 1616. Not so bad now, but when you consider you’ve completed less than a tenth of the surface area of the model, you might want to tone down the amount of detail from this point.

You might also want to consider integrating the clothes into the character model, unless you intend to have a library of costumes, in which case work out which bits of the character you don’t need to model because they’re always covered by the clothing

Thank you for your help…Ill try to tone it down a bit…I think im going to restart…there is a lot of useles verts…

Thank you

Note on poles, I didn’t understand half of it but I got the idea after a while. This pretty much explains poles and how they can be used in modelling:

Toon hair

Starting with something like the model on the left, and ending with something like the model on the right

Select faces inside the hairline

Extrude region, escape and then scale out a little bit.

Styling the hair:
move edges closer to each other and move the edge they surround in toward the head

More styling: grab the edge and move it out, then down.

Or grab some edges and move them back.

Play around with the edges to get the hair looking like it’s got some volume to it.

Thank you for that link and information…

Thank you for that too Orinoco