Female head from CAWB


This is my first head. I tried one low poly tut before but this one from the Character Animation with Blender book is the first one I really completed. Thanks for looking and comments welcome. (There is no real hair or ears yet.)

I’d also like to thank Tony Mullen for the great book. I learned a lot from this exercise.


I would start by either making the eyes bigger or the mouth and nose smaller. What was your reference image for that one?

Hi Grenade,

Thanks for your comments. I agree with you about the size of the eyes. I have made some minor tweeks such as the nose angle and chin size. I think I improved the actual model shape by a little. Not a lot. However, I have another “beauty pass” and a wireframe.

I can’t post the reference picture since it’s in the book: Character Animation with Blender. The lucky people who have this book know what it looks like. My results don’t really look like the girl in the picture but are not way too far off the 3d model results in the book.