Female Head Sculpt Critiques

I am working on my first female face and i hope someone has some tips because i think something is missing from her? After that i will make a bit more of the body and arms to render a portait. (and hair + materials) Hope to post soon more.


This one is updated with improved eyes and chin area

A good start, but to me it looks like a man. The jaws too wide, cheek bones not high enough, chin not pointy enough… nose too broad, adams apple to prominent :slight_smile: I probably notice it more then most because I spent years drawing from life,

Don’t give up, it’s tricky!

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Jep its tricky. Actually tried it now several times and it always ends up to be a men.

Thanks for the tips, will try them!

well the updated shot look feminine enough for me so well done. I would strongly suggest you work with a reference.
also study the lips more. they are not that flat! (on both ends and the mid)

Thanks for the feedback.
1.I do work with reference and try to improve on that
2.The mouth and the eyes are very hard to do but i keep trying
Some pics for an update. I plan to do realistic skin and eyes + hair with retopology but first i have to get a face that i like.

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That’s a good plan. Having a strong base is as important as having those juicy details.

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this is really good for a first! Looking at the side view I think you could smooth some parts especially the skull ceiling and forehead. smooth surfaces can help convey female traits

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Great tip will try to improve my model and update here.

I searched for a method to hide a post when its adult content… could find one so i go for the save solution. Feedback is welcomed and expecially how far i should push the body- I dont want to do the hole body and i think this should be enough.

Next Stage is retopo, Material and hairs.