Female Head Study in GIMP

Hi everyone, this will be my first post of these forums, hooray! I thought I’d start off with something non 3d. This particular painting was created in GIMP 2.6, I was going to expand upon it, but it ended up just being a practice.It took about 2-3 hours to complete, any feedback positive or negative is welcome, so long as it’s constructive. I haven’t got much 2d stuff, but I might post some more if people are interested. You’ll probably want to open up the largest version to get a proper look at it.

That looks great. I don’t know how timing is for illustration, I’m a 3D only person. But I guess 2/3 hours is not too bad for what you did there. Do you think you could perhaps draw all views of a character and develop a Character Model Sheet?

Haven’t done any character model sheets before, perhaps some crudely drawn pencil ones, but nothing substantial. I usually use photographic reference for most of my blender models.

You have quality. Maybe you should try, and why not timing yourself for a first CMS. It’s just a thought.

Well, she does look surprised, so I think you did well :slight_smile: As for the distance among face features and their placement, I think you can improve them. I think the mouth is in a different angle to the rest of the face. I think the area from the tip of the nose down is what I like the least.

beautiful work! At first glance it appears the eyes are to high up, but after closer inspection I believe it is the angle of the face that causes that. I think perhaps the back of the head needs to come out a bit more, ( could also be angle again ) The average female skull is about 216mm H 190 mm D and 152 W (widest right behind ears)

Thanks for all your feedback and advice! I agree some of the placement of the facial features is a little off, I’ll have to work on that in future portraits.

First off, nice portrait, the feaures are nicely drawn and the lighting looks really good too. The main issues are just to do with proportion and placement of the features. The head not being deep enough, and the eyes being too high are the main problems. I drew this for you as a quick guide to facial proportions (it’s by no means difinitive, and I drew it pretty quickly, but the basics are there):


And here is a quick paintover/distortion with the warp tool in GIMP to show the difference:


Keep up the drawing, I think you show promise! Oh and welcome to the forums.