Female head (uppdate on page 2)


No ears or facial hair. Will fix that. Is there any good way to do hair in blender?

Good modeling :slight_smile: Maybe the skin is more “sharp” here http://vincerkibug.free.fr/truc4.jpeg

Thanks for pointing that out. :wink:

I get on that right now. Just waiting for my render to be done.

AO is on.


maybe it’s just the angle. but isn’t the nose way too low?

good starts, features are quite ok (work on cheeks) but watch your proportions :


• 	The eyes are halfway between the top of the head and the chin. 
• 	The bottom of the nose is halfway between the eyes and the chin. 
• 	The mouth is halfway between the nose and the chin. 
• 	The corners of the mouth equals centers of the eyes. 
• 	The top of the ears parrallel to eyebrows. 
• 	The bottom of the ears parrallel to the bottom of the nose. 
• 	the nostrals should end where the eyes begin 
• 	the top of the ear should be at the corner of the eye and the bottom of the ear at the base of the nose. 
• 	From the base of the nose to the bottom of the face should be divided vertically into three sections, the top being the mouth. 
• 	Closed mouth should end at the edge of the nostrals, or begining of the eyes. Triangulation is used for other movements of the mouth, based off the nose. 

(from loonis books)


Thanks lukep for the info… Redid the whole face. Added little gimp layers for softiness in the picture.

Looks really cool and lifelike. Great work! Now for the hair and ears %| :smiley:

Looking good. That’s a decent skin material, too.

Much better.

The eyes size and brow are still a bit odd, tip of nose and mouth relative sizes dont match.

I agree with Harkyman, your skin is simple but good

Im doing several shapes of the head. Cant get it quite right. Was looking into stahlberg notes and he says good references is the most important part… I dont have any refs.

The last image looks quite promising. I’d work more on the eyes though and add a bump map.



God this is getting me crazy. I look refs but nothing. Added a ear and little more spec.

this is creepy… 8)

Looking good!

Any chance you could post 1/2 head shot in front and side view wire frame?

Room335: Sure but I´m still redoing the head. But soon I promise.

I will retexture the head. I did the mistake of texturing a unfinished model :(. Once the model is finished I´ll texture.


NOT MY TEXTURES! Took them from cgtalk.com.

Only used them to see how it is going to look. And how to place my UVs.

now say REAL.


side view.


with eyelashes.