Female Head [WIP]

(K-Rich) #1

Started this today… If i can get the hair right it’ll be used in a TV spot for a hair salon. So far this is 7 hours work. There are a few problems with edges and tris rather than quads. But for now, this is what i got. Suggestions/comments appriciated.

Here is the cage screenshot.

At the request of the Kibmiester, here is a link to a full screen image of the cage.


(Timothy) #2

I think this is definately really cool,…

1 thing which needs some work are the ears (oh man are they hard). Though perhaps you won’t need them if they’re gonna be covered with hair?

Also in the front view it looks like she has a pretty fat neck,… though this doesn’t come out in the render.


(IamInnocent) #3

Wow, good eye !

This is a bit closer to sculpture than usual, hence a bit more like life. Not lifelike certainly, but this comes from a guy who can’t stand to look at Final Phantasy too closely.

Such work is for keep. If so you may want to animate your character some day, have her talk and open/close eyes. You already seem to have nice cocentric meshes around all three apertures but they’re kind of coarse : subsurf may not get you out of trouble every time.

Nice girl, solid built. :wink:

(Bapsis) #4

Very nice, could still use a tweeking or 3 but your definatly onto something great!!! :wink:
I would love to see her when she is finished, just so i can get all pissed at you 'cause i cant model that good yet!!! (jk’in) hehe :wink: Keep it up man, you do good work!!!


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(BgDM) #5

I have to agree with Kib on the neck and the ears. Also, the jawline/profile in the front view looks a little maleish. Narrow that down a bit as well, and this will be sweet.

Very nice work man!


(K-Rich) #6

Well, here is a simple and low-quality test anim after makeing a few changes (noteably, the jaw, the neck, and the cheekbones).


nd here is a male model i’m giving to the community… enjoy. (already UV mapped)


(blengine) #7

nice head! a bit pointy at the top, but coming along great! haha when i first saw the male model at the bottom i thought u had uvmapped the female head and was scared as to how females looked like in yer culture :-?

(Bapsis) #8

WoW, that looks Supa-sweet man!!! Your UV mapping is awesome, definatly would love to see a full char, 'specially if it was female… :wink:

(a)nd here is a male model i’m giving to the community

Thats great man, im sure the comminity will be happy that you want to give them hea…, hmm, s’pose that could be taken the wrong way with some of those sick, blended minds out there, but not me, i swear!!! :wink:
Anywayz, awesome work man, pure eye candy, keep it up!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(shibbydude) #9

Very nice modeling. Your proportions are almost exact. You might need some more flaws in skin tone to make this truly realistic - I agree about the ears, too; too small. Nice job man!

(S68) #10


that’s a good head, but it is also a MALE head…


(Goofster) #11

HEY! I’m offended now! I swear everything I say was learned from Jason, so HE is to blame!

anyway, saweet modelling job. And anytime you want to give me head, you’re very welcome :smiley:


(K-Rich) #12

…no wonder i feel so welcomed!

Anyhow! Here’s where she is now…


and for those not updated to DivX 5.02


and for thos on 56k still (sorry SOBs) here is a still.



(S68) #13


now it looks female :slight_smile:

really nice


(DreamMaster) #14

I really like it, love your female face model… I still can’t master modeling any kind of face yet!!! My first face model was a NIGHTMARE. lol you would scream to death if you had seen my model… it’s a monster! lol :slight_smile: Great job and keep up your good work

(Pooba) #15

Now all you people are making me feel bad, If i ever tried to model any kind of head it would probably look more like a deformed cat than a head :slight_smile: . But that is really nice! Textured nice, before you uv mapped it it kind of looked like a male, but now it looks really good.


(Detritus) #16

Very good, but not very feminine. Looks mor like a boy/young man to me.

(dickie) #17

the last post is beautiful man.
she’s very wel done.
she has feeling too.
excellent work.

i love those lips.