Female Head WIP

Hey all,

Here is a WIP of my female head, she will eventually become a vampire to go with my werewolf.

Any C&C would be awesome!!! :wink:




Blend on, and blend well!!!

The nostrils seem to be alittle small compared to the surrounding cartalidge of the nose. You may want to open them up some.

The rest looks good. Maybe some more jaw definition.

Can we see a wire? Cause I hope they are teaching you proper edge loop topology at VFS. :wink:

Is this XSI too?


Heya BgDM,

Thanks for the C&C, you were right about the nostrils, they somehow got too small when i was shaping them, will make them the appropriate size.

Yeah, this is XSI again, but still want my blender friends to see me work, tho so far you’re the only one who really replies… :frowning: hehe :smiley:

Anywayz, i have to finish the WW before i can play with her, i just got my mark back on him and have 2 weeks to rectify things!!! :wink:



Blend on, and blend well!!!

PS: Can imbed images now, same shot: