Female Head WIP

Im making a female head for a small contest. The theme is beautiful, and my bro thinks that my girl is ugly(not sure if I agree but ill see what people think over here). So i need some help making her pretty. I need a bunch of critique if I want to win so tear it to pieces please :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a bunch!

it looks ugly, sorry to say, but it does.

The features are way out of proportion, do a google search for some reference material,

teh top half isn’t too bad though

[edit]deleted[edit]Suggestion #1: lose the lip gloss.

OK, what you have is not all bad. We really need a pic or two with wires showing to be able to help you there.
Are you from the US? In any case, in most cultures, symmetry=beauty. Use symmetrical modelling to create the head. Symmetrical modelling is your friend.
The lower part of the head looks chiselled out, needs to be smoothed.
The upper lip needs to be narrowed just below the nose (sorry, I’m not up on my anatomical terms), it looks too broad.
Proportionally, the eyes should be almost exactly centered between the crown of the head and the bottom of the chin.
Last, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, if you get to a point where you really think she is beautiful, be proud of your work and screw the critics. You can’t live your life on someone else’s opinion anyway. :slight_smile:

It’s an alright start, keep tweaking and changing it.

Insults are not constructive. People should be embarrased.

Blender123 -

You’ve choosen one of the most difficult things to do in CG. It’s important to temper your expectations and understand that most people don’t get their first human face “right”. I’ve been building different cg faces for the past 3 years and I’m still seeing the shortcomings in my work.

If you are looking for a critique of your model, I would say it looks like a beginner’s effort. That’s not meant to be a slam, it simply means you need to accumulate some skills and techniques. Fortunately, there’s a great deal you can learn on this very website.

You need to work from reference. You are lacking some basic features that suggest to me you are trying to build something that only exists in your head. This approach almost never works, especially for a beginner. The most succesful projects always begin with a plan. I haven’t seen a decent character modeler on this or any other site that doesn’t use a set of photos or drawings to work upon.

You would also learn a great deal by searching for discussions of edgeloops on this site and cgtalk.com. Study other people’s meshes. I keep tons of pictures of other meshes. I learn a lot by seeing other people’s poly flows, edgeloops, how many or how few polys does it take to build parts of the body effectively, and so on.

Last but not least, if you’re really serious about wanting to do character modeling, you have to be willing to occasionally take what you’ve learned from one mesh and move onto the next.

I would encourage you to try again. On your next face, get a front and side view of a face and put it in the background, and do your best to follow it’s basic form.

Well actually I was using reference lol. I was following the joan of arc head tutorial, but maybe i did it wrong. This is my second try, but I think i will make a third try, keeping all the stuff you all said in mind. Thanks!

If you post some wires it would be useful.

Well… What style are you going for? Like “The Incredibles”? If so, then you’re pretty close. If not, then it still needs some work. I read that you used the Joan of Ark tutorial. That tripped me up, too. Search these boards for “edge loops”. There’s an excellent tutorial that’ll help you make that a human face look better. Whether it be in 'Toon style, or Meta-Realism. Male, or female. Depending on the reference photos/drawings that you use. 8)
There’s still stuff I have to learn, though. Like alpha-blending/transparency, UV mapping, rigging, etc. :slight_smile:

good start, the hair could use a bit of randomness, unless youve actually seen hair that straight :wink:

SHadowman99: Insults are not constructive. People should be embarrased.

You are absolutely right.
Blender123, I sincerely apologize for my rude and assanine comment previously posted. I’ve erased that part of it. It was not helpful at all, there is no place for that here.

If you are starting over, here is a link for an edge loop tutorial that I have used to create a head and the concepts learned from it are invaluable.

The place I used to go for modelling the other parts of the body(i.e. the ears) is dead. But if you want to see what I’ve done with the edge-loop concept you can check this out. The head in the model was created using the afore-mentioned edge tutorial.
Hope this helps some. You’re going to do great on this!

This is a very challenging project to take on. Many props for doing so.

Now, I am not an expert on C&C of this subject of human heads, however, you don’t have to be, because by nature, people are instinctively knowing what looks “right” or “wrong”.

You should use an actual reference. A few things to consider: The neck should be wide as the head for males, and slightly small for females. On Caucasians, the mouth (lips) are usually as wide as the center of both pupils. things like this are noticeable without knowing why.

You are doing good so far. Don’t be surprised if you spend many hours tweaking the head until you get it right. I have UVmapped my head-project several times, and still tweaking it.

Well…all that i can think of is that those eyes are WAY to big for the head, and also I think that the head should be bigger.

I just remembered what style those eyes reminded me of… Anime.
Although, an Anime nose is a tiny little button. Like if you were modeling a head out of clay. You’d only need to pinch some up to form the little ridge.
With little smaller mouth, too.