Female head WiP

Hello all, this is a female head I have been working on and would love to get some comments on what’s good and not so good. Thanks in advance!

… mads

She look like a man. Make the face rounder.

Almost every feature needs work.

Her nose – protrudes too much and has a hook to it. Shave off the hump and make it more sloping. Make the tip rounder and slightly upturned.
Eye Bagginess-- Smooth out the area under her eyes. She looks like she might have bags.
Cheeks: They are definitely full. It’s hard to say if they need work or not.
Back of Head: It protrudes too far away from the base of the neck. smooth it out.
Eyes: From a realism point of view they are about right size. From an everything else point of view they need to be bigger. Cartoon girls usually have big beautiful eyes.
Neck/Chin: There’s a decent amount of fat under there. Suck it out or don’t.
Eyebrow ridge: She has one. Girls don’t have one.
Front of Head: From a straight on view she has a slightly conish look to her head. It’s too pointed.

Once you feminize her face and add some hair she’ll look more like a girl… at least I think so.

The main things I see in your model are:
-The ears need a little more volume to them. They seem a bit flat/deflated. Also, the channel in the ear that run down the outer part of the ear to the earlobe seems to end rather sharply.
-The eyelids also lack volume, it seems like they need to be made a bit thicker.
-The area around the eyes look too creased or hard, maybe soften some of the contour lines.
-The corners of the mouth also look creased and a bit hard.
-The back of the head does protrude too far out
-The jawline seems to be a bit to angular, more like a hard surface than skin on bone, looks like it could be softened a bit.
-The forehead has a strange double ridge running along the frontal part

Personally, I think the overall shape looks good. I don’t know if you purposely modeled the head to be atypical to the what is normally seen in the female portraits, or if it just turned out that way. Either way, it’s kind of nice to see a model that doesn’t have the “perfect female form”. Is the head a little masculine? Maybe, but then again there are plenty of real-world women out there who look slightly masculine.
I recommend working on the areas of the head that do not look very organic and leave the overall shape (besides the back of the head) the way it is.
Hope that helps.

Do you have a wire frame to show us? So we can see a little bit more how the head is shaped.

:slight_smile: Nice start.

Hey all and thank you for your comments!- due to my studies I haven’t been able to post before now, here is a updated model.

It looks good.Small tension to detail I mite be wrong that choesy thing at the bottom of the ear mite need to be bigger or more refined.What I found in my female head is the ear is more or les shaped like a question mark. Try it or don’t try it up to you. I mite be wrong.

Looks good. But the model needs some hair.

Model wise the jawbone needs some work.