Female Head (With it's blueprint)


I know, I know, not very origional. But I wanted to do a womans head a long time now. I think I have the basic ok now. But any C&C is most appreciated.

Here she is. With and without hear.

I’ve made a screengrab of the sides head for those who need a blueprint of a female head. It is a few posts below this one.

It looks very good, appart from the lips that seems to bulge out in a not natural way (I think it’ll be even more noticeable on a side view), and the ears that looks too hight - but maybe it’s only the angle of view here. (They look like they’re at the same level as the eyebrows/eyes, instead of being at the same level as the nose/eyes. )

The hair look good too so far :slight_smile:

the eyes seem a bit far apart, and the lips are slightly unnatural, but it’s hard to point out why. overall, though, i like it. good work.

Thanks both. I will try and fix the lips, ears and eyes next on.
Here is an screengrab of the sides head. I think it can be handy as a blueprint for those who can’t find a good one. I think the head model looks ok right now, things need to be fixed and tweaked ofcouse, but the basics is ok.

You have the basic shapes down very nicely.

Your edge loops around the eyes and the lips are too close together, thus giving you the “hard” edges that you see. Try selecting a few of the loops around those areas with “SHIFT+ALT+RMB” and then turn on the “Beauty” button in the EDIT menu and then press the “Smooth” button 2-3 times. This should help get rid of the hardness there.

The eyes look to be a bit small as well. Open them up some.

Can you post a wireframe of this head too? Would like to see your topology a bit more to make some suggestions on that.