Female Head

Hey people, first Blender related post here.

I’ve been only using Blender for about 2 to 3 weeks now and I’m completely new to 3d modelling in general. Therefore for the most part I’ve just been trying to get the basics down by finding/following useful tutorials (Jonathan Williamson’s human head/face tutorials are fantastic) wherever possible.

Attached is my 3rd attempt at a realistic human face, 2nd complete head and the 1st time I’ve been really happy with the results :stuck_out_tongue: (so far).

I’d love to get some opinions on the model so far. I’m going to learn how to texture, make hair then possibly rigging and I’m planning on using this model as a base.


looking great!
you putting hair on him when your finished?

looks a bit like a guy and you can see where the mirror has created a weird effect

Could you point out any of the features that are currently more masculine than feminine?

By the mirror effect you mean the slight ridge that starts from the bottom of the nose, branches out at the eyebrow area then splits at the forehead? I’ll need to fix that yeah.

Great modeling, wow! But I do agree that it looks slightly masculine. Still, if I had to guess the gender, I’d guess it was a female.

I think that the following make it look masculine:

-protruding forehead (should slope more)

-wide mouth

-too much space between eyes/nose and mouth/chin

-wide, strong chin (looks good in profile but too strong from the front)

-large ears

-head too big in the the back of the scalp (should slope more)

All that looks a little harsh when written out like that, but really the model is great. I think that all of those fixes would be really quick too. Good luck and can’t wait to see the finished result!

Okay so while I haven’t had a chance to fix some of the more masculine parts of the model yet but I have had a go at my first attempt at UV mapping and I think it’s working out quite nicely. Obviously I’ll need to remove unwanted things like the bits of hair and way more work is needed with the ears.

I’ve attached the references which I’ve been using too (got them somewhere off here I think). Since I’ve now use them both for the model structure and the texturing I guess I’m going for a likeness.


As long as your topologies good just use the sculpt tools to refine it. You’ll be amazed by the difference.:eek: