female head

this is based on jonathan williamson’s cgcookie tutorial on same, but, despite being very much a noob still, i feel like i improved just a little between the stage where he finishes off the rough mesh (very beginning of tutorial 5) and moves on to applying the mirror modifier, adding a mutlires modifier and then doing detailed sculpting.

what i did was take what i had following along in the tutorial, then tried to get it as close as i possibly could to the original while still preserving the rough mesh. i felt like the area around the eyes, the nose, head shape, mouth area, twist of the ears (which were still rather flat) could all be improved within the confines of the rough mesh. i did have to add a couple of edge loops (i think it was just 2) to get the shapes right (eye sockets particularly). and it still can definitely stand for improvement (the chin is a little off, for example, still).

but i feel like this is a pretty decent foundation before going into detailed scuplting, so thought i’d put it up here to see what others think.

well, somehow the uploader is giving me troubles in this window, so i’m going to go ahead and post, but attach the file in a separate post… :frowning:

hmmmm… when i tried to attach a .blend, it took forever, then told me that a security token was missing. so, how does one attach .blend files?

you need to add the pic of your model via the render,not the .blend file (unless you want ppl to be able download your work)

yes, i wanted ppl to be able to look at the whole thing. the render doesn’t really say a lot because it’s not hard to get the head much better with some sculpting. for me the difficulty was getting the head to that point while still having a pretty low face count.

you can always upload the .blend file to a file sharing site then post the download link here.