Female Head

Working on this head for some weeks… Its one of my first attemps in head sculpting. Everything is done in blender; rendered with cycles. Would be nice if you could tell me what you think about it, its easier for me to improve it when I get feedback :slight_smile:

Old render:

head above the eyes is too short. That is the biggest thing I see.

The forehead is too small and I think the skin and lips material needs some work.

Yup, there are proportion issues and all of the forms need tweaking. Perhaps downloading a skull model would help to get the proportions right, if images aren’t enough.

Perhaps something like this. Did a bit of paintover, although didn’t tackle all issues. The neck muscles and clavicles are more indicated rather than correct

Gif (6.4MB): http://pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=118767

Thanks for your comments! So I made some proportion and small texture/material changes; I will focus on even more improving the material later.

Here is a render without the hair where the head shape can be seen better.

If the head is intentionally stylized (cartoony/exaggerated), then I have no problem with the strange proportions (such as the forehead and the cranium being too small); however, others may disagree with me and say that she is in the uncanny valley. If you’re going for realistic, go realistic.

so your first attempt. That is promising.
I have never seen a headmodel with such an Expression. That face is worried, anxious, full of fear.

I am curious what Comes next.

cu faceless

So here is the current progress of the model. Its been a litte bit longer time since I posted the last update but I totally messed up with the hair which was pretty frustrating because I somehow wasnt able to fix it…
Recently I started up again on the project; completely redesigned the hair and did some minor changes to the head geometry.
Here are some renders, front and side view, so that the shape can be seen well. I think the size of the forehead and the overall head shape should be ok. Tell me if you have different opinion on that or any other criticism. :slight_smile:
I think what I will do next is trying to improve the texture and materials.


oh seeing it without the hair, the eyes no longer look too high. just the hair was wide. I really like the thin nose and blue eyes. The lip area seems a little off to me. Neck area from the front seems too wide at the top. I think the top of the ear should be at the top of the eye so it’s too low in the side profile. also should end at the end of the nose. So stops too far. something weird about the neck from the side as well. cause looking from the side at the front of the neck, I would expect it to bow inwards.
Like the texture painting.