Female Human Model - Warning: Nudity

Hi, this is my first good human model, she’s still missing feet and hair, the anatomy is not entirely correct also, what do you think?

I don’t know what kind of scene i will make with her, but i do like the pose she’s in, any sugestions?

thanx :slight_smile:

from what i see now its ok for me as i can’t do any better ;p

That’s not true migero, you can, i saw your “glass girl” and totally loved her, great texture work you did there, wish i could texture like you.


Work on the shoulder blade deformation, it’s bending way before it’s supposed to. Also, try moving the nose and the mouth up higher on the face, but that’s just my own personal preference. The face doesn’t appear very feminine, but I’m not sure why, it might be the chin or the proportions.

Very nice.

One thing that struck me, and I’m not sure if it due to the lighting or the texture choice.

The area on the face between the chin, mouth, nose. It looks like she has beard stubble, or a “5 oclock shadow”.

The way it is right now if I decapitated your model so that I had the body on one side and the head on the other, I would swear that I have a guys head and a gals body.

I got the same impression with the stubble. also, the underarm muscles (not sure what they’re called) seem a bit odd…can’t really put my finger on it but they don’t look like they’re stretching properly.

Hi, thanks for the comments, i tried to fix the things you said, the face proportion are conforming with my reference, so i guess the girl in the picture has a masculine face but she doesn’t have beard anymore, what do you think?

I’m still not happy with the feet, but it will do for now, i added nails too and changed the pose a little, now i’m striving to make good hair with static particles, man it’s hard, but i think i’ll make it.

thanks again for the feedback, and keep it coming… see ya!